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fnatic are the champions of Dubai

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Oct 22, 2009 19:09

ImageMYM are unable to finish their cinderella run as they meet the world's finest CS team in excellent form. fnatic are the champions of Dubai.

Fnatic are the champions of the Counter-Strike world once more as they beat the young upstarts in MeetYourMakers swe in their final matchup 2 maps to 0. A solid win on inferno was followed by a far more difficult victory in the last round on train which would have seen the game go into overtime had fnatic lost it. MYM are left to wonder what could have been if they'd won that round and forced overtime, while fnatic will do what fnatic seemingly always does now which is celebrate a major event victory.

Fnatic 16:10 MeetYourMakers swe (inferno 10:5, 6:5)

fnatic began the game strongly with a good offensive output in the first half as MYM were unable to deal with the timing and skill of fnatic's players who have been in these big finals so many times. The second half saw MYM battling back a bit as with the half at 4:2 to fnatic MYM got the score up to 5:4 in their own favour. fnatic regained control though and won the map in two consecutive rounds. The second to last round saw dsn choose exactly the right time to come out of the window room so he had a clean view to shoot four MYM players in the back as they walked left of mid towards the CT arch. On the last round of the map cArn took out three rushing MYM players from the back box in B and the map was over with fnatic the victors.

Fnatic 16:14 MeetYourMakers swe (train 4:11, 12:3)

Train has been a map you can use to gauge this fnatic team, when they get rolling on the terrorist side then you'd better watch out because they finish teams quickly as CT. MYM might have been aware of that as fnatic jumped out to a 3:0 lead and were able to grab the fourth round in the outer bombsite to get themselves back in the game. From there things quickly evened up and in no time the game was at a 4:4 deadlock with nobody quite sure who would use the momentum the game had produced thusfar. It turned out to be MYM as they really stepped their game up to a higher level and thanks to the AWPing of Delpan and the spraying of zet, ensuring no eco round turned into anything dangerous, MYM were able to finish the half out 11:4 up.

fnatic needed a big CT performance, something this team has produced many many times in their careers. What was called for was delivered as fnatic won the pistol round and continued to pile up rounds until the score sat at 7:0. MYM took three of the next four, hitting outer well, to put regain the swinging momentum. Then fnatic really locked in and they won the last four rounds to take the map and the match. The 13th round saw dsn crater in a 2v1 but gux nade the remaining terrorist and defuse. On the 15th round the action was finished off by GeT_RiGhT, the man who had seen embarassment with how the last round of his Chengdu performance ended.

fnatic emerged victorious and somehow their failures on day 1 only make the rest of their accomplishment seem even more spectacular. Some will call them lucky with the way certain things went in their favour, such as Alternate and WeMade Fox tying, but the greatest competitors really do seem capable of making their own luck a lot of the time.

Extreme Masters Global Challenge Chengdu placings:
1. Fnatic
2. MeetYourMakers swe
3. SK Gaming
4. Vitriolic Gaming pl

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