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Starcraft player charged after knife attack

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Oct 11, 2009 18:44

ImageAn 18 year old Starcraft gamer was apparently driven to attack a passing 15 year old girl after his internet connection being cut meant he could no longer play the Blizzard RTS game.

An 18 year old Starcraft player has been reported as attacking a 15 year old girl. The gamer became angry when his internet connection wouldn't work and picked up a kitchen knife and headed into the street. When there he came into contact with a 15 year old girl who was on her way home from a party and laughing with a friend. He attacked her with the knife but despite several stabs her injuries were not life threatening.

The troubled teenager has now been sentenced to psychiatric care by the Nacka court for these actions, his first offense. The gamer's thoughts apparently grew dark as a result of his internet connection problems not allowing him to play Starcraft. The prosecutor, Jennie Söderberg, attempted to have him tried for attempted murder but the court classified the knife attack as attempted manslaughter as the case had a psychiatric component to it and he apparently did not leave his house with intent to kill the girl. The incident took place on the 9th of August.

The news article portrays the story as one of the game leading to the boy's wish to harm/kill which seems an indirect point at best.

Source: metro (in Swedish)



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