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Faction change goes live in Europe

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Sep 18, 2009 00:19

ImageA couple of weeks after the change was made on US realms, Europeans finally got the ability to swap factions today.

MMO-Champion is reporting, via the official Blizzard forum, that faction transfers have now gone live across Europe. The ability to go from horde to alliance or vice-versa has been available on American servers for two weeks - an unusually long gap between the two regions.

The official Blizzard poster, Ancilorn, advised all players to visit the transfer FAQ page, which you can find here. He added that the anticipated race-change function is still in the works. "This decision was based largely on community feedback," he said. However, he was unable to specify any futher details, claiming that "additional information and updates about Race Changes will be published at a future date."

Source: Blue Tracker



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