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FoV and MaDFroG in final 6 for ShadowLeague

By Duncan 'Thorin' Shields
Sep 4, 2009 16:44

ImageMaDFroG, DIDI8 and Sweet join the Trophy of Legends list for the Old school. Fly100%, Shy and FoV for the New school.

The remaining participants for ShadowLeague's 'Trophy of Legends' have been announced and fans will no doubt be excited by a number of big names from the past and present of Wc3. They are six in number, three old school and three new, but with the unfortunate additional announcement that two previously announced players will no longer be participating.

Old school
Fredrik 'MaDFroG' Johansson
Dimitar 'DIDI8' Aleksandrov
Jung Hee 'Sweet' Chun

New school
Weiliang 'Fly' Lu
Chul Woo 'Shy' Park
Dae Hui 'FoV' Cho

No longer participating
Mykhaylo 'HoT' Novopashyn (for the Old school)
Jung Ki 'Susiria' Oh (for the New school)

Fredrik 'MaDFroG' Johansson is well known for his time in SK along with his impressive back-to-back ESWC 2nd places and winning the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational 2004. Dimitar 'DIDI8' Aleksandrov won Clikarena in 2003 as well as the European WEG 3 qualifier in 2005 and placed 2nd at CPL Summer the same year. Rounding out the Old school is Jung Hee 'Sweet' Chun who is also known as an SK star along with placing 4th at ESWC in 2004, 2nd at WSVG's global finals and winning the Blizzard Worldwide Invitational 2006.

Mousesports' Weiliang 'Fly100%' Lu was the champion of NiceGameTV League Season 1 back in 2008 and this year has won PGL Season IV, taken 3rds at ESWC Masters Cheonan and e-Stars Seoul 2009. Go player Chul Woo 'Shy' Park placed 2nd at last year's KODE5 Global Final and the BlizzCon Korea Regional Finals this year. Famous as a 4kings player Dae Hui 'FoV' Cho won ESWC in 2004, placed 2nd at WSVG Global finals in 2006 as well as Blizzard Worldwide Invitational 2007 before winning the CEG Changchun Tour.

The Ukranian Mykhaylo "HoT" Novopashyn and the Korean Jung Ki 'Susiria' Oh will no longer be playing.

The complete list of participants now reads as follows:

Old school
Zdravko 'Insomnia' Georgiev
Dae Ho 'ShowTime' Kim
Christopher 'Tak3r' Heil
Bjarke 'Bjarke' Rasmussen
Björn 'ElakeDuck' Ödman
Jae Park 'EvenStar' Lee
Hong Won 'FarSeer' Ui
Minh 'Spell' Nguyen
Fredrik 'MaDFroG' Johansson
Dimitar 'DIDI8' Aleksandrov
Jung Hee 'Sweet' Chun

New school

Jae Ho 'Moon' Jang
June 'Lyn' Park
Sung Hyun 'Space' Park
Pedro 'LucifroN' Moreno Durán
Sung Sik 'ReMinD' Kim
Xuwen 'InFi' Wang
Deok Man 'SocceR' Youn
Xiang 'TH000' Huang
Hyo Sub 'FoCuS' Eom
Weiliang 'Fly' Lu
Chul Woo 'Shy' Park
Dae Hui 'FoV' Cho

For more information visit ShadowLeague's site or drop by #shadowleague on Quakenet.



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