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eMg's beast cleave wins in Dallas

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Aug 31, 2009 01:19

ImageA victory, a cheque and a newly named comp. MLG Dallas proved to be a hugely successful weekend for eMazing Gaming.

Anyone who thought cleave was nerfed with 3.2 was proved wrong this weekend as eMazing Gaming came out on top of the pile at MLG Dallas. Running a brand new tournament setup of enhancement shaman/hunter/paladin, eMg destroyed everything in their path, losing just two games all weekend against SK Gaming USA and Button Bashers .

Their grand final victory was fittingly short and sweet for a team that relies so heavily on brute force. Starting with a 3-0 advantage over x6tence from their semi-final meeting, they never looked in danger. The Spaniards were forced by MLG's rules to stick to their triple-plate setup for the first game, which gave eMg a 4-0 lead in no time.

x6 rallied against the so-called "beast cleave" setup, countering with an exact mirror in game five. It didn't work first time out, however, and the Americans were up 5-0, needing just one game to claim the prize money. The sixth map, Nagrand, allowed x6 to salvage some pride but their joy was short lived. 5-1 up by now, eMg put their opponents out of their misery by taking a 6-1 win.

The win was a natural succession for eMg after their second place finish at MLG Columbus. Even though they lost to SK, the team that beat them at the previous event, they did enough in group play to get through. In bracket play they were unstoppable, blitzing x6 twice in comprehensive fashion. Their victory was also the second cleave success in the space of a week, after TSG's Blizzcon win last weekend. RMP fans will now surely look to the likes of Ensidia to stop the cleave train but it looks like a hard task for any team to stop the eMg and TSG.

If you missed any of the results this weekend, check out SK-Gaming's coverage for the complete rundown of lineups, maps and scores.



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