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Videos of Berlet Racing Tour 2009 Finale

By '-cronic-'
Aug 16, 2009 00:41

My recordings of the Berlet Racing Tour 2009 Grand, with Husky winning an Acer Predator Gaming PC and a run around the Nürburgring Nordschleife in the passenger seat of a Dodge Viper Racecar!

Today I played videographer for the SK-Racing Team at the Berlet Racing Tour 2009 Finale. Nine winners of qualifying events in Berlet markets all over North Rhine-Westphalia were invited to participate in the Grand Finale in Hagen-Hohenlimburg to have a shot at some very neat prizes.

1st place: Acer Predator Gaming PC + Nordschleife run in a Viper
2nd place: Nordschleife run in a Viper
3rd place: 24" LCD-Monitor

For SK Christoph 'DreaF' Hörenbaum and Danny 'HuskY' Engels took part. The tournament consisted of three semifinal heats with three players at the Sturup track. The winner of each semifinal race would advance to the final. Unfortunately for SK, Christoph 'DreaF' Hörenbaum and Danny 'HuskY' Engels were drafted to the same group, which ment that only one of them could make it to the final. Dreaf, unfamiliar with the equipment and having some technical problems, did not manage to keep up his pace and finished 3rd in the semifinal. Husky won the semifinal of his group and showed why he almost won everything to win in the simracing scene.

In the all deciding race Husky met the winners of the two other groups, André Böttcher and Marcus Jirak. Starting from pole, he had a hard time defending his leading position, second placed Marcus Jirak made a mistake in lap 3 and fell back to the third position. Now it was up to André Böttcher to challenge the leader, but Husky managed to block him off till he saw checkered flag and win the event.

Dreaf taking a first look at the track

Qualifying for the semifinal from Dreafs POV

Semifinal race from Dreafs POV

Husky qualifying for the finale

Grand Finale from Huskys POV

Finalists of the Berlet Racing Tour 2009

Prize Ceremony



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