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Vo0: "People will get bored of Quake Live easily"

By Henrik 'zappater' Johansson
Aug 9, 2009 18:25

ImageVo0 was recently at Dreamhack Summer where he won the Quake 3 CPM tournament and got to the quarterfinals of Quakeworld. He also spoke to SK-Gaming about Deathmatch in general and why he thinks Quake Live will not succeed.

Sander 'Vo0' Kaasjager first started to get famous when he released the fragmovie CPMA done by Vo0, but it was first when he dominated the Painkiller scene that everyone got to know about him.

You just won the CPM tourney, seemingly like with ease. How did the tournament go in your opinion?

There were six players, and I wished more people would have shown up. There was Lugia and me which are the only CPM players, the community is very small and thats a shame cause the game is really good. But yea I wished more people would have showed up and a bigger tournament, maybe next time. But it was a nice tournament, I enjoyed playing it.

For those that want to start playing CPM, how do they start?

I think there is a channel IRC Quakenet where you can learn movement and there is a pick-up channel, CPMpickup and most people are very friendly and will help you out, you gotta avoid the jerks. It takes a while to learn it cause everyone is so good at the game but if you just play a lot you can get better and you have to learn the movement and the weapons and everything.
" Don't stop when you get beaten because even I, at the start remember when I played back then one of the best players, I got beaten all the time."

Play a lot and you can get better, that is pretty much for every game. Don't stop when you get beaten because even I, at the start remember when I played back then one of the best players, I got beaten all the time. But I continued playing cause I want to get better and most players when they get killed a lot of times in a row they just stop playing, start going to their other game, their old game but I think they should just continue playing if they enjoy the game and one day they will get better and will beat the player that initially beat them. So my advice to people is to continue playing even though the odds are against you.

You played in the Quakeworld tournament as well and you got all the way to the quarterfinals. What's needed for us to see you play more Quakeworld in the future?

The maps, dm2, dm4 and dm6 they are so old, they are 13 years old and its really hard to compete against all the old school players cause they know everything inside out and and me as a rookie I haven't played Quakeworld in years. I just signed up because Paradoks didn't show up so my group was kinda stacked on the easy side because Paradoks was a first seed so I took his seed but yea new maps I think.

Its really hard to compete against old school Quakeworld players, and there is aerowalk and ztndm3 which I am pretty good at compared to dm2, dm4, dm6, the big three, so I think new maps and maybe, I like the game I like the speed but its really hard to compete. I just said in the old question even if the odds are stacked against you, you should continue playing and I have no real intention to become good at Quakeworld.
But you enjoy it?

Its fun to play occasionally but I don't enjoy playing it a lot but occasionally its fun. I used to play some end or povdmm4, aim maps, just rockets and shafts and everyone spawns with full health and armor and its fun but that is pretty much it.

What is your relationship with Fnatic, do you even have one? You are signed on their site but you never play for them.

I played for Fnatic last year, in the United States and Spain, for ESWC grand finals and since then I haven't played any tournaments under their name and I am pretty sure, this tournament was all by myself. I paid of my own way and didn't get sponsored anything so right now I have no affiliation with Fnatic even though I like the clan, the organization as a whole cause I have so much history with them. But I just play for myself right now and I don't really consider myself a professional gamer anymore since 2005 where I had a awesome year with Fnatic and Painkiller but ever since then I haven't been really serious about gaming and everything.

We saw you last time at ESWC Grand Finals in North America. Will we ever see you again playing professionally, what about Quake Live?

You never know, I never expected to continue to start playing again after I quit the professional gaming scene in 2006. Right now I am living in Texas, America, just got engaged with a beautiful girl and I don't know if I have the time to continue playing on a high level and I don't know if I want to play Quake live cause I don't really enjoy the game like I do with CPM and Quakeworld or Painkiller.

But maybe if there is an insane amount of money in a tournament and I can be bothered to play again. But right now I have played deathmatch for over ten years and I feel like I am kinda done with it. There is still more to learn for me, I can still see mistakes from my own games but I have played for so long that gaming is not that interesting to me anymore. Its still fun sometimes, tournaments are still fun, I wish there was more CPM tournaments, I would consider playing them all but there aren't and the scene is so low and Quake Live just doesn't attract me.
About the fun part, you went to Sweden. How come? Was it only for Dreamhack?

I moved to America, beginning of this year and I thought it would be nice to go to Holland this summer, see my family again cause I haven't seen them in five, six months and my fiance Rebecca, sitting next to me, she, I of course took her with me, we decided to book a flight for six days or stay for six days in Sweden so we could enjoy Dreamhack for two or three days and then travel around Sweden cause we rented a car so we gonna travel around Sweden for a few days and then I go back to Holland but yea I came here for, the main reason was Dreamhack and the CPM tournament but the side reason is the extra, the reason is to enjoy Sweden and its culture, driving around and the cold weather and stuff.

You mentioned Painkiller before. Looking at deathmatch games a lot, Painkiller, Quake 4, Quake 3; most of them start to fade or just die when all the prize money is gone. Do you think this is something that affects only deathmatch or is it all esports?

I think, I mean Quakeworld is still pretty alive. I think if there is a genuine love for the game like people have for Quake 1 people will keep playing and Quake 2 people will keep playing. Quake 3 however people just lost interest a few years ago whenever the big tournaments were gone, even before that the game just started dying.

Quake 4 was only alive because of the prize money put into it just like Painkiller. You know I love deathmatch, I think its one of the greatest games we have at this moment but its just not for new players. It doesn't interest them cause they get beaten and they quit playing so its just, I love deathmatch I wish more people played it but that is unfortunately not the case and I think there is AGP tour with Quake Live and I hope that is going somewhere. Quake Live could be like the final answer for deathmatch if it succeeds, deathmatch could live on but it might fail as well I hope it won't.
"Quake Live could be like the final answer for deathmatch if it succeeds, deathmatch could live on but it might fail as well I hope it won't."

They are going in the right direction, they are adding new features, constantly, new maps and I don't know exactly what there needs to be done, I think they should have like Warcraft and Starcraft where you have a ladder system so you can see yourself on a ladder, your own progression which is why World of Warcraft is so popular cause you can see your own character progression. If you have Quake Live on a ladder system you see yourself improve on the ladder which is a nice feature to see. You have statistics and achievements and thats a nice system so I think deathmatch will become more popular whenever they have a system just like in Warcraft and Starcraft.

So what do you think the future of Quake Live is? Will it become like Quake 4 or will it survive for ages like Quakeworld is doing right now?

I don't know, I think its, I hope it will, I hope it will be very popular but I think after a while people will just go back to Quake 3. Because Quake 3 is still technically better then Quake Live because it has many more features, Quake 3 CPMA, then Quake Live and people will get bored of Quake Live easily, so I hope you know I really hope that Quake Live will make it but its gonna be a tough challenge.

Thank you, any last words?

My fiance Rebecca I wanna say I love her, cause she is looking at me in a cute way and I wanna thank Dreamhack for having me here and the tournament and the community and people to play more promode obviously and yea thats it thank you for the interview.



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