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Intel Racing Tour 2009 - 'BMW Welt', Munich

By Danny 'HuskY' Engels
Jul 28, 2009 23:38

Liveblog: Intel Racing Tour 2009 - 'BMW Welt' in Munich! - First Prize: VIP Weekend @ Formula One Grand Prix in Valencia (20th-23rd August)

Hey folks,
I'm in Munich together with SK.b0nd, for the Intel Racing Tour 2009 in Munich's 'BMW World'. It's the next of many great events coming up very soon, as I told ya in my last Blog: 'Racing: A small thing?!' .
First of all, thanks for all congratulations for the ESL RACE07 Pre-Season title!!!. I'm still happy!!!

Finally arrived in Bad Eilsen! (1st August 01:00): It's unbelievable that we are going to Valencia... wow!!! Nothing more to add actually.. It was a great final and a great event overall!!
I uploaded some photos and videos, but still have more stuff I'm gonna upload next week!

News: 'SK Racing dominates Intel Racing Tour 2009 in Munich (BMW Welt)'
Check out the 'BMW Welt' (Grand Final) Gallery and following videos:

VALENCIA!!! SK.b0nd did it in an exciting final race! (31st July 15:00): Hendrik was only a split second faster than me in the qualifying session, but did a superior job in the Grand Final!!!
Summarized: A perfect race!!! b0nd won his first major tournament and I'm satisfied with my 2nd place!

Another day draws to a close (30th July 21:00): Actually a quite relaxing one! We did a couple of laps and feel very confident. b0nd set the fastest racetime already yesterday, while I found my pace with the fastest laptime today. I guess it is going to be an exciting final tomorrow!!! We hang out with good guys and girls ;D and are watching 'Bayern vs. ManU' to end the relaxing day.
Somehow.., the calm before the storm!! We will see what tomorrow brings...!

Check out the 'BMW Welt' (Thursday) Gallery and following quickie videos:

Back in our hotel!! (29th July 20:30): All in all an awesome day so far. We joined some public races in the 'BMW World' and met a lot of new and old faces (cheers h3lly! :P) Anyway, a lot of fun and good practise for the upcoming final on friday.. it's a very relaxing and nice location! Very sad, though, that BMW announced their withdrawal from Formula One, but at the same time it's unbelievable that racing legend Michael Schumacher will celebrate a short comeback in Valencia!!!

Check out the 'BMW Welt' (Wednesday) Gallery and following videos as first impressions:

Good Morning (29th July - 09:00), we are getting ready to join the public racing action in the 'BMW World' today! Check out the News: Intel Racing Tour 2009 in Munich's BMW World!!!

And for now (28th July - 23:30): I'll show you our first look on Munich! ;)

Daily public races are already running since saturday in the 'BMW World', but we just arrived a few hours ago (late Tuesday evening). We'll join the action tomorrow and I'm going to post impressions, videos, pictures and everything you want in this blog from time to time!! Thanks a lot to the people at DOCKERS for sending us another tray of their delicious cranberry energy drink for this event. Yummy! Stay tuned!!!



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