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By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Jul 28, 2009 01:24


This last week actually flew by very fast and I can’t say I went to many historic places in that timeframe. However, I did have several nice experiences that I’d like to share with you. Just as a heads-up, I can’t guarantee that this blog will be fast and easy reading. I’m not trying to write a Harvard essay, (I already did that this last winter), I just want to share my experiences. If you are worried about having enough energy to read through by blog, (wall of text), just know that my grandfather has been reading my blogs as well as the comments that go with them and he says that you should be worried because a man in his 70s has more endurance than you do.

On Monday, the interns and I visited the Library of Congress, the largest library on the face of the Earth. We only got to see the large reading area from National Treasure 2 for a short time before going home. However, we got an exclusive look at the children’s books section where a large variety of books are available, although not for children’s use but for research on the growing mind of a child. There was one book in particular, from the early 1800s, called “The Truant Bunny”. It tells the tale of how a young bunny rabbit skips school and plays in the meadow. However, the truant officer catches him and the story ends with his well-deserved hanging.

Tuesday was a good day for one particular event. I was working all day on the intern newsletter and did not have a break. So, around four or so I took a break and went down to the coffee shop in the Dirksen building to get a gelato. On my way back, while getting off the Senate subway, I realized that I was getting off at the same time as Al Franken. The people on the subway went to an elevator and we all got in. On our way up, Al Franken said to me, “Hey, you ever notice that the elevator creaks when a freshman senator’s on it?” So we had a few laughs and he got off a few floors below my own. So that pretty much made my day.

The days from Wednesday to Thursday are pretty much a blur. Sometime in that vague proximity, we go to visit the White House. However, getting in was pretty unpleasant because it’s one of the most heavily-guarded structures in the world and the guards are actually considered some of the most dangerous men in the United States. Inside, I found that the parts of the White House that I enjoyed the most was seeing the presidential portraits that you only get to see copies of on Wikipedia. This included the original one of George Washington that the British didn’t manage to burn in the War of 1812.

On Friday, I went to the National Public Radio headquarters which was a real pleasure, in the very least. It was pretty awesome to get to sit inside the recording studios that all the weekly shows that are played across the country are aired from. On Saturday, we went to Six Flags America. It was rather disappointing because apparently not all their rides are designed for guys that are 6’5”. Sunday was meh, we didn’t have anything planned. I went to a late-night showing of “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” with another intern who will be going to college with me. I have to say it was pretty damned retarded, but the action was cool.

So anyways, today I was sick for the first half, probably because of the coconut on the popcorn from last night, which I am unfortunately allergic to. The second half was alright, mostly perfecting the final draft of the newsletter and going to the National Portrait Gallery, which totally owned.

A brief overview of little things I’m thinking:
• “District 9” will be an amazing movie, analyzing racial discrimination and its role in human nature.
• I got an idea for a kick-ass movie; the idea is so perfect that I can’t even write it down. 
• I noticed that the logo on the SteelSeries-StarCraft II mouse pads included “Wings of Liberty”, no comment from Blizzard.
• Al Franken is funny; I hope we meet many more times in the future.
• I miss you guys!



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