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SK.HuskY` is ESL RACE07 Pre-Season Champion

By Danny 'HuskY' Engels
Jul 26, 2009 22:11

ImageDanny 'HuskY' Engels started as one of many favorites but developed into a so-called alien. Hendrik 'b0nd' von Eye and Christoph 'DreaF' Hörenbaum fall victims to Brazilian's rain god.

The Electronic Sports League unveiled their recent ESL Motorsport Portal less than two months ago. A successful opening-cup in RACE07 with over 100 racers in the qualifying stage came to an end last thursday. 24 finalists faced each other on the Brazilian circuit in Curitiba.

It was SK Gaming's Danny 'HuskY' Engels who took home gold in an exciting final race of the ESL RACE07 Pre-Season 2009. He did not only take home the gold, but also dominated the entire pre-season with first places in every single session. Already, the qualifying stage was dominated by the three mentioned SK Gaming racers.

They continued with a perfect semi-final race where Danny 'HuskY' Engels managed to win the qualifying as well as both races in grid one. Additionally, Hendrik 'b0nd' von Eye was able to win the second semi-final group, while Christoph 'DreaF' Hörenbaum showed a great performance with a third place overall in HuskY's grid. All three SK Gaming pilots were absolute favorites after a strong performance in the knockout stage.

But two of them, namely Hendrik 'b0nd' von Eye and Christoph 'DreaF' Hörenbaum, struggled with the heavy rain in Curitiba. SK's unlucky fellows fall victims in avoidable incidents which most likely were caused by difficult weather conditions. Danny 'HuskY' Engels, though, felt confident on Brazilian's wet land. He dominated the race with first places in every session and scored maximum points during the entire cup.

Hendrik 'b0nd' von Eye finishes the pre-season still in 11th position, even though he did not finish the second heat. Christoph 'DreaF' Hörenbaum, unfortunately, missed his invitation for the upcoming electronic Touring Car Championship (eTC) only by a whisker and is placed 7th overall. Danny 'HuskY' Engels wins 120€ prizemoney as well as a trophy and an invitation for the upcoming championship, which
most likely will start at the end of August. More information will be announced in the next weeks.

And as Danny 'HuskY' Engels already said in his blog and in the press conference after the race:
"I'm so happy! It was a lot of fun and a great pleasure, but only the first step for up-and-coming weeks. We are looking forward to great events very soon and want to continue fun and success!"
Keep an eye on the SK Gaming page and stay tuned!

ESL RACE07 Pre-Season 2009 - Final Standings
1. Danny 'HuskY' Engels - (120€ + Trophy + Invitation for eTC Grid 1)
2. Roy 'Warthog' Kolbe - (80€ + Trophy + Invitation for eTC Grid 1)
3. Benjamin 'paynt' Müller - (50€ + Trophy + Invitation for eTC Grid 1)
4. Sebastian Schmalenbach - (Invitation for eTC Grid 1)
5. Dennis 'MAXXFrag' May - (Invitation for eTC Grid 1)
6. Patrick 'padde' Vester - (Invitation for eTC Grid 1)
7. Christoph 'DreaF' Hörenbaum
8. Patrick 'octo' Richter
9. Elmar 'Satchmo' Erlekotte
10. Manuel 'FrEaKyDeViL' Staggl
11. Hendrik 'b0nd' von Eye
12. René Alexander 'GRunner' Buttler
13. Carsten 'KiLl3r' Hörenbaum
14. Marcel 'Kallomena' Tie
15. Heiko 'JinKame' Schwarz
16. Florian 'n0mad' Waschkowski
17. Daniel 'Carter' Franzke
18. Marcel 'emkay' Otte
19. Tino 'awd' Görgens
20. Sven 'Walker' de Hass
21. Björn Felix 'fLikKx' Hansen
22. Marcel 'RüBeNnaSE' Wernicke
23. Michael 'Ic3m4n' Müller
24. Matthias 'matz13' Meier

Electronic Sports League - Motorsport Pre-Season 2009



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