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Racing: The small thing in eSports?!

By Danny 'HuskY' Engels
Jul 18, 2009 16:48

Racing in eSports - only a small thing?

I do not want to start a discussion about eSport games in general and, briefly, there is no doubt that Racing is still a “small thing” in eSports nowadays... Ask CS, WC3 or WoW players about it and you will get answers like: “booooring”, “race....what?” or probably “Mario Kart rawks!!!”

Anyway... lately, we added our new Trackmania player 'gaLLo', a super-friendly and super-fast guy and I’m glad to have him in our line-up. We are going to have a lot fun on and off-track!

Racing is sooo multivalent as there are games like Live for Speed, RACE07, rFactor or iRacing and on the other hand Need for Speed, Trackmania or even Mario Kart. But no different computer games, like the simulations, are connecting reallife and “eSports” that much! You can find famous active reallife racers (actually former Fomula One) playing these games competitively or even as training for their real races.

It is really admirable!!!

Arcade racing, though, is good fun! Trackmania is the best example and turned into an upcoming eSport title in the last years. But also all other racing games have some really good tournaments and competition. Even though they are not involved in eSport that much... but.. i mean, you were able to win like more than a handful cars in the last three years and...

only a few in the eSports community even noticed… which, in my opinion, is a pity!

Nevertheless.. I’m looking forward to up-and-coming weeks. I won’t reveal much, but there are big things coming up and… I hope more people will notice and realize that even racing games (no matter which one) are famous, competitive and not only a “small thing”.

Stay tuned and feel free to comment what you do think about "Racing Games"!



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