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Ensidia wins Dreamhack, SK second

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Jun 15, 2009 15:35

ImageEnsidia came from the lower bracket to win two series' against SK and claim the Dreamhack Summer championship.

Despite beating Ensidia earlier in the tournament, SK Europe were unable to stop them in the final, going down by an overall score of 6-2. The Britons, who had been struggling against cleave teams for the past couple of events finally found the answer and emerged victorious over the two sets.

And Ensidia did it the hard way, after SK Gaming EUROPE took the lead in the first set thanks to the "train a priest" strategy. But Christopher 'KalimisT' Ioannou and co answered back with their own train onto Valent 'another' Sebastijan. This had the added effect of shutting down half of SK's damage and it would be this train priest/train deathknight battle that would be the theme of the day.

In such a game style, control becomes exponentially more important. The fact that SK were forced to play defensive meant that Ryan 'Hydra' van Buiten could play his signature aggressive style and landed some great fears onto SK.

Time and again, Kalimist landed the better opener. But in the final game, with SK down 2-5, both rogues sapped one another. Only Hydra managed to get dispels off onto Simon 'zom' Palmer, however, leaving him buff-less. That could have been crucial as it made Zom so much more vulnerable. But Ensidia played to the old adage, "if it ain't broke don't fix it" and stuck on the deathknight yet again. It paid off after the defensive cooldowns were done, as Another died yet again, giving Ensidia a well-earned victory.

You can see SK's complete coverage of the event right here and detailed information of the final here.

Here all eight live videos of the matches, enjoy watching!

Game 1

Game 2

Game 3

Game 4

Game 5

Game 6

Game 7

Game 8



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