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TeD takes hint from Lyn defeat

By Ran 'FoReVeR_ManUtd' Liu
May 29, 2009 20:01

ImageZhuo 'TeD' Zeng of World Elite looked back on his defeat to June 'Lyn' Park of SK Gaming yesterday and analysed what went wrong and why in his latest blog.

Zhuo 'TeD' Zeng, touted as one of the finest in the match-up of Undead versus Orc, slipped to his first back-to-back defeats since last December to Manuel 'Grubby' Schenkhuizen and June 'Lyn' Park in NGL ONE that left him further down to fifth place at the table.

While he won the first game against Grubby through a successful tower rush before losing at Secret Valley and Ancient Isles, the Undead phenomenon failed to register a single map win against Lyn, who has been sitting at the top of our ELO system for a good while.

In light of the first game at Secret Valley, wherein he had several chances to turn the game in favour of him, TeD rued at his inaccurate instant reaction in his blog, “When my DK was surrounded by two raiders, a grunt and BM, I recalled DK would not receive experience bump despite unit kill when he was hexed by SH.

“Should I have stopped fiends from hitting that dying raider until DK recovered from hex, he would have levelled up to four. I could have saved my DK then by learning death pact, and went straight to tower rush, given Lich was coming out in approximately ten seconds. Therefore I need to draw more attention on such details in practice in the future.”

The second game at Echo Isles was, however, a different story as Lyn “well contained me throughout the game” according to TeD, and the 20-year-old reckoned his choice of tactic is the one to be blamed as well.

“I think it would be better to play with destroyers against TC. We need to draw example from match-up of Human and Orc. Very few Orc players use TC second in addition to BM when they play against Human players, because MK can greatly limit the performance of BM. One needs maintain BM’s HP with spirit link and SH’s healing wave, otherwise BM will produce way less damage. Of course tactics are not written in stone and one has to modify his tactic according to his opponent so as to improve.”



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