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Team Spirit - Why WICKED and Mouz deserved the Final

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
May 27, 2009 03:00

ImageThe two best performers of the online season have fallen, and the playoff match winners are the last two teams standing in the WC3L Finals. WICKED and Mousesports deserved their final place because they are teams not individuals.

Given that the WC3L is labelled as a "team league", it seems only good and proper that a "team" should win it. By the word team, I do not mean individuals that find themselves in the same team and simply do their "job", I mean a group of players who give off the impressions that they have chemistry, that they have bonded and are with each other through thick and thin. This is why WICKED and Mousesports deserve to be in the Grand Final of the WC3L Season XV.


"There is nothing better in a sport than teamwork and drive, and Mousesports have both in abundance."
When one looks at the roster of Mousesports, it appears to be a rather messy line-up with two Chinese, one Korean and a German, one would hypothesise that Hasuobs is purely in the team for the EPS and the two Chinese for their exposure at Chinese LAN events. However, it is a pleasure to see that this is infact not the case, and the players have a bond together, that makes you feel a sense of team unity, rather than just two strong individual players stuck together.

In these kind of events where you wait in the burning heat, sit around in 3-hour delays and encounter endless technical problems, that having a team-mate to pat you on the back or lighten the mood is invaluable. It is a pleasure to be around the Mousesports team because there is nothing better in a sport than teamwork and drive, and Mousesports have both in abundance.

ImageCommunication proves not a major issues for them as perhaps some would expect given that FoV is able to speak Chinese and Lie, the Mousesports Manager, able to act as translator for Hasuobs, the possible major barriers are broken down into a simple minor inconvenience.

Hasuobs has the air of a team-captain, first to arrive on the scene, has a extremely good knowledge of the game and is able to gauge the mood of his team-mates and adjust his approach accordingly. He may not play as many games as Weiliang 'Fly' Lu or Xiang 'TH000' Huang but his role in the team is crucial, and like team-manager Lie, is the backbone of the team.

My title of "Hasuobs the water boy" in the WC3L Day 1 gallery, could not be further from the truth. Lie, is also Fly100%'s partner, but at the event her role is purely professional, concentrating purely on the team and presenting herself as a real manager and not just a go-between the players and the admins.

Mousesports, like World Elite are the last survivors of a dying breed, they released all their team last year to create a team with better team spirit, and they have successful achieved that. Hats off to the Mouz management.

WICKED eSports

"Shy and FoCuS are the Laurel and Hardy of the Warcraft3 world, when seperated unremarkable but when united world class."
They qualified for the Grand Final via the winner bracket, brothers in arms, Shy and Focus display complete opposite characters but strike a perfect balance. Shy the extrovert talkative Night Elf player who remains positive despite 3-hours of delay and his-team FoCuS, the more reserved and humble of the two, are a duo united through friendship first.

Shy and FoCuS are the Laurel and Hardy of the Warcraft3 world, when seperated unremarkable but when united world class. Although FoCuS is more reserved, his attitude towards fans is what has seen him entered into my list of legends.

For those who've had a look at the two galleries we have online, you might have noticed that FoCuS is perhaps a little sleepy, by the end of yesterday he had an extremely red eye and the previous day he was trying to fall asleep sitting down. Now what I loved about FoCuS is the fact that despite how tired he was after their victory against Mousesports, no matter how exhausted he was after a 3-hour delay, he signed autographs and took photos without a single complaint.

ImageWhen other players who shrug them off, FoCuS did not moan, he did not pull a face, he just took a small amount of his time to bring happiness to the Chinese fans. For that, I think he should be commended, especially considering it took probably a total of 5-6 hours for the Mousesports versus WICKED match to come to the an end. This kind of going beyond the call of duty is unfortunately rare and therefore extremely refreshing.

Chul Woo 'Shy' Park is the other half of the dynamic WICKED duo and the character that we see in his WC3L statements, is a reflection of his true self. Ready to give back to the fans without a moments hesitation, he may not be the most glorified of players, nor the one with the most medals but he has shown both skill in-game and enthusiasm outside, and that is what makes a truely great player.

Although the two teams who fell first hold arguably the bigger stars, Mousesports and WICKED both had the personalities and the abilities to win the WC3L. They got this far because they still represent what made the WC3L great in the first place, teamwork, and not a competition of which team has the best individual skill. The fact both teams who had good online results failed offline is not coincidence, it is a sign that team spirit is irreplacable.



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