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Valve vs. CS 1.6

By Michael 'MSK' De Keyser
Apr 24, 2009 00:47

Valve got out of the darkness to hit the CS 1.6 community once again. But this time, their blows have done serious damages.

As all others CS 1.6 players, you have certainly noticed the latest update made to CS 1.6.

First of all we should wonder what do we wait from a game developper. For me, a game developper is (after the game's out) upgrading its game by fixing bugs or adding features that make the game better. All in all, its job is to develop its game to the best.

But how to know if there are things to change or if adding something would make the game closer to the perfection? There are two ways:
- Having some huge players in their staff
- Asking the community

But we all know that there are only a few progamers on earth and Team-Dignitas showed us these pros weren't asked anything about the changes. So there's only one solution left: Valve hired a team of progamers. But as far as I know neither SK, ex-MYM, fnatic or any other top team work for VALVe.

Okay here we've got a problem. VALVe are making updates relying ONLY on their OWN opinion. It could work, if they were only fixing known bugs. But not if they start adding new features. They are working on a game they don't know. So what else can they do than ruining it?

Valve hasn't been working on CS (I mean seriously) for years. But everyone agreed that it wasn't a bad thing considering they weren't making huge mistakes. The latest updates we got were for the in-game advertisements and the first try of fixing the russian jump. Nothing the community was really needing nor heavily asking. Only a few seconds searching over the net will bring you numerous lists of known bugs made by the community itself, with the well-known flashbugs for example. Some of these bugs if not all of them were born with the game, but Valve never did anything to fix them (and the flashbugs wouldn't take more that 1hour of work considering there are kind people who already did the work (drax maps)). Instead, leagues and events were making rules to avoid people exploiting them. Everything was fine.

So what can we think about such updates?
I've heard people saying that Valve's goal is to make as many people leaving the game as possible. Which wouldn't be so dumb to think considering the money it would bring to move the whole community to other games they provide (such as CS:S). But they could do much better in that case. Even if I'm so disappointed with the last update that I already lost the will to play.

But I think that the main reason behind so terrible updates is that VALVe are incompetent. They show it each time they make an update. They are not even beta testing their updates.

What could they do to change this?
- They could simply admit they made something horrible and take their update back. Which would be the smartest choice. But as I said, I don't think they are smart.
- They could make the jump sound a bug and fix it, being the heroes of the chaos they created and having everyone happy again. But having tried to fix the surface sound bug ruins it all now.

Why is this jumpsound so horrible?
- It's ruining the sneaky side of Counter-Strike, at least 75% of it.
- It's ruining the silent boost (being something we were used to and which brought so many surprising tactics which made this game so different at each round).
- Considering the two previous point, it's dumbing down the game to either slow tactics, wait and kill, or rush tactics, run, rush and kill.
- All those epic 1onX situations we've seen are gone as soon as it includes a small jump, or climbing a ladder.

But that's not all, the jumpsound is not the only thing which is making more noise now, if you're walking and suddenly crouch, it will make a step sound.
If you're going down a ladder, crouching and get too much speed, it will make a little ladder sound.

What are all these "new" sounds due? Valve's incompetent try to fix a feature which everyone was used to: the russian/duck jump. A feature which was allowed in leagues and events. A feature which required skill.



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