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Mousesports: The End of DotA

By Samuel 'DarthBotto' Horton
Apr 22, 2009 02:25

ImageFollowing Mousesports' shocking disband of their successful DotA squad, the professional video gaming organization has decided to not support any DotA teams in the future.

It was fairly recent that Mouz lost its DotA team. However, it was greatly assumed that they would find a replacement roster for their lost players. Throughout Mousesports' existance, they have had a mixed history with Warcraft-related teams. On July 23 of last year, it was announced that they would be withdrawing their Warcraft III team completely. Many thought they simply would await the release of StarCraft II to serve as a strong RTS team. However, they soon found new and highly-talented replacements. This came along the same year that they would lose their extremely-successful World of Warcraft guild, Nihilum.

Unfortunately, there will be no more days for Mouz DotA. It has yet to be confirmed about why there would be such a disbandment, but it may be related to the fate of MeetYourMakers and what happened to their DotA team in the face of the economic crisis. What is clear is that Mousesports has decided to dedicate all their energy to their five remaining teams, (Counter-Strike, Warcraft III, FIFA, World of Warcraft and Quake 4.)

Even with the strong popularity that DotA holds on, one must ask themselves whether or not DotA will hold up in the world of esports for long.



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