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By Hendrik 'b0nd' von Eye
Mar 30, 2009 19:28

Maxlan 15 - LFS

Everything went perfect for me, I won the the first race with a 4 point advantage and kept it til the last race. I just had to finish one race in front of Jay.
I’ve started from the poleposition, unfortunately Jay got my slipstream and passed me in turn 1. I was able to close the gap to 0.5 seconds, but as you know from the Formula 1, it is easy to close the gap, but it’s hard to overtake. Jay didn’t commit a mistake so i’ve finished my race in 2nd position.

No problem at all because we turned around the first 8 from race 1 in race 2. In race 2 I was able to overtake 4 cars in turn 1 and the 2 other in turn 2. I had a big andvantage, Jay was stuck in traffic so I could pull away from him.
Just 5 Laps to go and i would have been the Maxlan 15 champion...
In the last corner i did an fatal mistake and damaged my right rear suspension. Jay took the lead and i wasn’t able to catch him because of this f****** damage. Jay won and became the champion again.
We both had 126points but he had 1 victory more...

I’m very dissapointed, i had the chance to beat the 5 (now 6) times Maxlan winner, i was faster this weekend, I got 3 out of 4 pole positions and drove the fastest laps in 5 from 8 races.
But i’m too stupid....

Anyway, it was a nice event.
With our CS 5on5 mixteam we were able to get into the finale comming from the upper bracket, but lost both games :( (Nuke 8-16 | Train 8-16)

But hey, we are LFS racers, so it is a very good result for us and we are very proud of it!

Keep fighting




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