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Champions !_!

By Lidia 'lidy' Poulin
Mar 26, 2009 04:46

Perfect season, a record of 16 wins and 0 loss overall! That was seriously an amazing way to end my basketball career. We won yesterday the final game at 50-39. I got a couple bruises and a sprained thumb ( ow T_T ) but it’s all good ( : ! The final result is all that matters. I played for my college for 5 years and this year, our team was just incredible and had such great teamwork, most important thing to be the best! I had a lot of fun and I’m sad it is all over now.

SK ladies’ practice this week went pretty well and we were ready to play our next match. We played it tonight on de_train versus Deviance. The other team played with only 4 players and it sucked because it felt like a waste of time. We unfortunately lost pistol round on CT side and lost the 2 following rounds. Then, we pretty much just ran around and tried to get it over with as fast as possible. Also, some of us had video card/sound problems and I played with my thumb hurting like hell :( . Gg anyway. The next match is on April 2nd at 8 PST and we will play on inferno versus Tier-One Gaming.

I came home from work earlier and saw this list of teams they just announced for ESWC Masters. Looking at the teams, I was happy (and not so surprised ;) ) to see our SK.swe guys on that list but I was also kind of surprised to see on there and Gravitas Gaming only on the waiting list… I talked to my friend from GG to know what was up with that. Why isn’t the best team from the US figuring on that list? He said they looked at OLD rankings, which doesn’t even make sense at all because team rosters have changed but they kept the same team name. I felt bad for them and I hope it gets fixed! Everyone saw who the best team was to represent the US internationally when GG played the best out of all the US teams at the EM tournament. They also won the Kode5 US qualifiers, not losing a single map until finals and beating all the other US teams. Anyways, we want Gravitas!! Fix it!

Alright, Passt auf euch auf, take care guys!





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