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By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
Mar 24, 2009 00:41

wooot up

heeey, time for a blog i thought!

We bootcamped before germany at tentpoles/walle's place as u know, and the thing is that im still here...
Since we did so bad at cebit i wanted to stay for abit longer and hardpracctise some counterstriker with my beloved sk friends!

So here i still am, and have been for like 5 weeks now.
And i've started to like Väsby(Name of town) for real, having loads of fun here.
Playing real much with the team now since we dont accept being as bad as we was at cebit.......!
After pracc me and dennis play kinda much dota, haha. Started to like that game, fun when ur playing with a friend :)

At the weekends me and dennis mostly going out drinking some beeer and few redbull vodkas sometime aswell.
Alot more fun going out here then back home in degerfors, always the same peps back home, here its atleast some new faces (Y)!
Enough about my and dennis drinking problem.

As i said we pracc really much right now, mostly dust2 and inferno, you who watched our games from cebit probably knowes why..........Didnt do that well on thoose maps.
Next upp is Dreamhack Gothenburg, kode5 qualify will be there aswell so its a important event for us, i think we will do really good, been doing alot of changes since cebit and it feels good. We knew exactly what went wrong at cebit, sometimes its good loosing, best way to improve your game atleast!

Gonna eat some Mcdonald with my SK friends now and watch a movie, they say hi btw!

will blog before dreamhack gothenburg and let u know how its going, keep cheering for us n take care, pz!



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