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SK Gaming at EMIII finals

By Timothy 'merusame' Ellersiek
Mar 5, 2009 18:12

About SK Gamings adventure at the Cebit exhibition 2009.

So what can I say? Thursday has almost come to an end and I thought it would be nice to round up the day with an uninteresting blog from the notorious me. First of all I want to congratulate our very own European World of Warcraft team. They came third in the tournament taksing home 3.600 USD. That means each player has 1.200 USD to spend for various, sometimes I wish I were a bloody player - I think the skills are there, not.

So we are sitting here in the press area and working on the video interviews since we had some problems getting them onto the computer properly...sorry, we don't want to bore you with our computer issues :). Alternate attax is playing in the continental finals at the moment, the score is 15:15 now and the overtime is about to start. It is really amazing how attax is literally rocking this tournament. But as many experienced counter-strike player said, attax is certainly the underdog in this cebit week. Well, I am off to the stage to get some good pictures for you guys, stay tuned!

So it is friday today and the Global Finals have begun. I am sitting on the stage now and the match vs mTw is about to start. The team has played some exquisit matches so far and I am pretty sure they will continue with their great performance in the upcoming match. Keep your fingers crossed folks!

After winning our match vs mTw we had big problems in the match vs made in brazil. We now have to play a relegation match versus the new lineup of wemadeFox. Again, keep your fingers crossed, we really need to take this one home.

Besides the CS tournament we have three, yes THREE SK WoW teams playing the top-class tournament of the Extreme Global Finals. I personally am really looking forward to see the teams in the groupstage. Stay tuned!

So the WoW groupstage matches have kicked off and all SK teams are still in the race. SK Europe won against SK US in the first match of the day which was pretty amazing to watch. While SK EU lost their second match though against x6tence SK US won their second against complexity. In the other group we have SK Asia who started quite unlucky losing against tripe A but got back into the game and smashed Nihilum just then. Their next two matches they have on stage and will hopefully continue their great performance.

Unfortunately all matches are delayed which will lead to a later relegation match in the CS tournament - SK Gaming vs WeMadeFOX. So once again they are in the same situation as in the Continental Finals. This being said - good luck SK!

SK.cs was able to beat wemadefox but was quite unlucky in their following matches vs fnatic and MYM on de_dust2. Really doesn't seem to be there map. The WoW tournament went quite well for SK. Our US team wasn't able to pass groupstage, our European team finished 4th in total and our korean team is still in the race and will be facing aAa tomorrow morning. Good luck!

After SK Asia winning against the French team of aAa the grand final was secure. Unfortunately though the team of HON came back out of the lower bracket and won two times 3:2 against SK. Anyhow everyone is very proud of their awesome performance and second place!



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