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Alternate to rule out MYM of EM3 EU Finals

By Dominic 'immo' Koller
Mar 5, 2009 16:57

ImageAlternate have gotten their revenge on MYM today as they played them in the Consolation Final. Again it was de_inferno and Alternate played an impressive match with Roman "roman" Ausserdorfer going huge for them.

The Consolation Final at the ESL Extreme Masters III EU Final has been played and once again it was de_inferno. Both teams already met in the groupstage on the very same map which was won by MYM with 16-14 on Tuesday. Alternate wanted to get their revenge on MYM out of all the opponents they could get and they got their chance today.

The match actually started out good for MYM winning the pistol round and winning the ecos even though they lost quite a few players there. But Alternate have then picked it up pushing themselves over and over again with each frag and winning round until they got the lead of 9-6 in the first half.

But they lost the second pistol round too and decided to do an early buy with deagles and AKs which worked out in the third round. Continuing from there MYM did not get back into the game which is what they really need in order to get on fire. Again it was Roman 'roman' Ausserdorfer getting a lot of the important frags such as the four kill round hurting MYMs money.

The match then ended in favor of Alternate with 16-8 and they are now up for another revenge facing mTw in the Grand Final. The Grand Final is about to start and you can follow it by watching the free ESL-TV stream provided.



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