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On my way to Extreme Masters, any coverage requests?

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Mar 4, 2009 16:01

Just chilling in Paris while I wait for my connecting flight to Hannover. WoW and CS coverage is coming!

First major tournament of the year and first as Editor-in-Chief. I'll have to embrace new games given that Warcraft3 is not included in the EM but its been good so far, watched some HLTV as well the ESL stream yesterday.\

WoW could well become the flagship game along with CS in 2009, and my precious WC3 could see itself take the back seat. However, all I can do is adjust to the change, and CS 1.6 isnt too bad! (WoW is still a bit messy to look at, needs a better way to spectate)

I will be bringing Zechs along (The Sky hater) to do coverage, his first tournament but his WoW knowledge should hopefully come in handy!

Galleries, videos, maybe the odd blog as usual. CEBIT is a place that has lots of other entertainments (pigvomit and I Playing Wii Tennis last year for example), so we'll see what is about! (boothbabes anyone?)

First major tournament of 2009!!! Woooooooo!!

If you have any requests, leave them here!!



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