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Extreme Masters: extremely entertaining?

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Mar 3, 2009 20:52

ImageNo Zechs Files this week, folks - I'm busy packing!

Tomorrow i leave for my first tournament in nearly 3 years. ESWC 2006 it was, when the esports scene was very different. I was writing for a different website for starters, and I didn't go to cover WoW either.

But I don't know whether the butterflies in my stomach are nerves or excitement. If everything goes to plan, I could end up doing video interviews - something I've never done before. Sure, I've done text interviews for various websites and audio interviews for university but I've always been fairly camera shy (hence the same 3 or 4 pics on all my columns ;D).

Oh, and let's not forget the flying part. I wouldn't exactly say I'm scared of flying, but the hand-rests on the plane might get a bit sweaty.

But after watching the CS games streamed today, the excitement and anticipation of being at a live tournament again is almost unbearable. I'll finally get to meet people like Carmac, 2GD and Zalmah (hopefully) - not to mention the SK players and staff - and there will undoubtedly be things worth seeing at CeBit itself. But the games are what I'm looking forward to most.

It's been a long time since I saw genuinely live CS, and I've never seen genuinely live WoW. Tomorrow I'll get to see both old and new in the same place. In 24 hours time I'll probably be writing up the best of the WoW action and looking forward to another three days of exhilarating action. I hope you guys at home are excited as I am, and I really really hope we (SK's staff) can do our best to maintain that excitement through our coverage.

If the games are anything like as enthralling as they been already we should have no problem keeping you guys hooked.



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