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E-Sports University lecture a success!

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Mar 1, 2009 02:03

Did a lecture at my former university about E-Sports and SK Gaming, and it went quite well!

Organised to do a 3 hour lecture at University of Wales, Newport, for their Computer Games students. Showed the first 20 minutes of "Frag" as well a bit from E-@Thletes (another documentary).

Essentially the idea was to introduce them to E-Sports, and I had about 30 odd students turn up. Out of the 30 students; 2 had heard of SK Gaming, 6 had played COunter-Strike 1.6, 3 had played Warcraft3, 4 had played Starcraft, but more than half had played World of Warcraft!! Sign of the times right?

The general mood after seeing a video of progaming in Korea was "god I want to go live in Korea", and they seemed genuinely shocked at the fact there is only one major female tournament a year and asked why are there no tournaments where women and men can play against each other.

Of the 30 there about 6-7 showed an interest in perhaps doing some writing for SK Gaming so you might see some of em appear on here doing some console news!

Despite a very rushed preparation I managed to "talk" (which obviously includes time showing videos) for about 2 hours (ish), then we talked about SK Gaming, the team, the website etc.. Of course I showed them some SK merchandise. Generally when people probe me to ask what I do for a living and I explain the first reply is "oh".

For example the postman who was obviously pissed I did not give him a christmas bonus came to deliver the mail in January and I answer the door. "oh your here. dont you work", yes I work from home "what do you do?" I write about games "oh. that sounds awful, why on earth would you want to do that".. goodbye *takes letters*.

HOWEVER, if you say oh we're sponsored by adidas, oooooo, suddenly people are impressed and interested!

I have done my bit, now 30 potential game designers know about E-Sports, we have to spread the word people, otherwise no-one will know it exists!

DO any of you spread the E-Sports gospel?


Do you tell other people about E-Sports?

of course, everybody, I even tell them twice!
I tell my good friends
Very rarely
Never, I want to keep my friends
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