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Random shit

By Dennis 'walle' Wallenberg
Feb 27, 2009 20:08

Okay, so I didn't manage to stop smoking completely but seriously - it's really hard not to smoke when you have Robban and Jimmy doing it around you all the time. I did hold up one month though and I do smoke alot less these days. It used to be one pack a day, and now one pack lasts 3-4 days atleast. I'm going in the right direction, ye?

So, last weekend we took a break from bootcamping. Robban and Jimmy spent some time with their girlfriends while Marcus played UGT in Växjö. Kristoffer & I went to LanBauer in Gävle with a mix consisting of myself, Tentpole, threat & FYRR73 from Giants and face from team-Blank. We were a mix of some very nice people and managed to have a good time AND win some money, which is always good : ).

Y'all probably know we've been bootcamping for a while now if you've been reading any of the other blogs. It's been good and I feel as if we're in good shape right now. Hopefully EM will be a good event for us.

Tomorrow me and RobbaN will be going to Norrköping to play the UGT tournament there. I will write another blog when I get back from that and tell you about it.

I thought i'd let you in on an example of my IRC conversations to round things off;

(19:55:32) (rayne^shbtshlom) f**k you
(19:55:36) (SK|walle) f**k you!
(19:55:47) (rayne^shbtshlom) NO NO F**K YOU
(19:55:55) (SK|walle) dude
(19:55:56) (SK|walle) no.
(19:55:58) (SK|walle) f**k YOU!
(19:56:10) (rayne^shbtshlom) no no listen
(19:56:12) (rayne^shbtshlom) F**k
(19:56:14) (rayne^shbtshlom) U
(19:56:17) (SK|walle) lemme tell you a story
(19:56:20) (SK|walle) it involves you
(19:56:22) (SK|walle) and you are f****d
(19:56:29) (SK|walle) the end.
(19:56:32) (rayne^shbtshlom) no no
(19:56:37) (rayne^shbtshlom) i have another story
(19:56:42) (rayne^shbtshlom) you are the f****d
(19:56:46) (rayne^shbtshlom) and you f**k
(19:56:50) (rayne^shbtshlom) it means
(19:56:52) (rayne^shbtshlom) f**k you
(19:56:53) (SK|walle) f**k you you f**king f**k
(19:57:10) (rayne^shbtshlom) go to f**king country
(19:57:12) (rayne^shbtshlom) f**king f**k
(19:57:21) (SK|walle) f**k you sideways
(19:57:46) (rayne^shbtshlom) f**k you ass
(19:57:50) (rayne^shbtshlom) f**k your self
(19:57:52) (rayne^shbtshlom) ohhh f**k
(19:57:55) (rayne^shbtshlom) yes f**k f**k
(19:57:56) (rayne^shbtshlom) plz f**k
(19:57:58) (SK|walle) f**kin' ey..
(19:58:11) (rayne^shbtshlom) you love to f**k you?
(19:58:17) (SK|walle) I will f**k you up!
(19:58:25) (rayne^shbtshlom) I will f**k you down...!
(19:58:34) (SK|walle) so, what's up?
(19:58:52) (rayne^shbtshlom) im fine.....hehehhe im from israel and u?
(19:59:07) (SK|walle) I'm fine, thanks.





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