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Feb is almost over ALREADY??

By jenny 'jso' so
Feb 27, 2009 06:31

so theres only 3 days.. left till march..
time flies huh?

anyway, we just played a match on strike.. it was a close match but we lost 16-13? i dont remember something like that. we played de_cpl_strike.. a map we never practice and so the outcome is reasonable, at least we didnt get plowed :P

now there are only lan maps left, and so you guys should look foward to THOSE! not these stupid ones :/

ive been playing so much CS lately!! i dont know if its good or bad!! when the new year started i only came online and on the computer when it was practice time.. we played 3-4 hours a night, and then i was off doing homework or something .. productive. ever since the girls came and left ive been playing SO MUCH MORE CS!! i havent played this much since like summer break!! hahahahaha i will admit its fun.. i usually play with alice the most.. the others sleep early cuz of school (i should too but im a champ so i only need a couple hours of sleep :D).. me and alice seriously stay up pugging till like 4AM my time! LOL.. even last night i had like 4 papers due for school, yet i csed all night.. i finished 3 of them throughout the day.. and left the hardest to finish later at night and that didnt work.. i slept at 4, woke up at 6 to write it and then fell asleep again.. and again.. LOL i seriously woke up at like 8 and 9 and then went to class at 11.. i finished it on time!! but i dont know.. if its good or not... OH WELL. SCHOOL BLOWS!! but, stay in school kids~ :D

MY BIRTHDAY IS IN 11 DAYS!!! march 9th, make note everyone. hahaha jk :P

i recently made a video blog for guidson.. there are 4 parts to it HAHAHA i made him brownies.. the video is kinda embarrassing.. but since it was a request i did it :D getting requests from you guys in the community and knowing what you guys want or want to see gives us a lot of ideas.. and helps us make blogs.. so if you guys throw in some suggestions i think we can make it happen (but be reasonable please) ! so throw some ideas our way! im sure the other girls too wouldnt mind making some things you guys would like to see.. like LIDY PLAYING BASKETBALL??? ALICE GUITARHERO MASTER??? hahahaha yea.. and jso marthastewart baker. cool.

ACK~ time to go play more with alice.. i have to show her whats up~ have a good night everyone! and our next match is TUESDAY on de_inferno.

our infernos is pretty insane, so we wont let you down. =D



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