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Cebit is close!!

By Jimmy 'allen' Allén
Feb 27, 2009 00:29

hey i thought it was time for a blog so here it comes!

We're bootcamping in Upplands väsby (Tentpoles place), and has been doing that for like 10 days maby, last days it feels like our game has improved alot and we have been starting to do really well at praccs and so on, so thats great, i think we will do good at cebit next weeek!

We fly from stockholm this monday, we need to change flight in Austria(?), even though we're only flying to germany which is close.. Weird but thats what we need to do, and thats not enough we need to wait on our flight couple hours aswell before we can fly to hannover!
So trip overall prolly takes like 6 hours, kinda booring when germany is that close...


We cant pracc because walle and robban is going to the ugt event in norrköping, here in sweden. So i ll head to my wonderful girlfriend sophie whos like 30 min away from our bootcamp place, over the weekend. And then we ll all gather on sunday here again for the last pracc day, will be pretty much cs that day yeah!
Looking forward to this event at cebit, been a while since last tournament and its starting to get kinda booring just praccing, i need matches to keep me motivated so thaank god there is a event that cloose!

anyways gonna play some more cs now before i head to my bed here in väsby, take care all, another blog will come soon again!:)

ANY LAST WORD?? yes i wanna say hello to sophie regnér(K) and Robert dahlström!!!! HI!!...... and if i spelled anything wrong its because i didnt finish school bcuz i loved cs to much, PEACE




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