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Happy Birthday, TheSlaSH!

By Jens 'JPW' Wundenberg
Feb 25, 2009 00:02

Well, it's been almost two years, two years since I started at SK Gaming with you as my boss. I doubt I'm speaking for myself when I say I'd like to thank you for the great time I've had.

Very few people can say the people they work with are more than just colleagues, but friends - I think can. I will never forget the rough nights at the 2007 Games Convention, nor the hell of a week we spent at CeBIT 2007. Seeing Tobi accompanied by his Macbook, being completely drunk is a priceless memory of mine. I met a lot of people, more than I ever would have met were it not for SK Gaming. I've learned a lot of things, things I never would have learned were it not for SK. Thank you, and while we're on the subject, everyone at SK Gaming too.

To cut a long story short... keep it up! Stay as dedicated as you are. You know what you are doing, even in hard times like these and it's a pleasure working with you.

With all this being said, this video as a tribute to Games Convention 2007 (I'm still wondering how we made all those people and all that stuff fit into our car).

Happy Birthday, Alex!



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