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New legendary amongst huge list of 3.1 changes

By Michael 'Zechs' Radford
Feb 24, 2009 16:23

ImageA new legendary weapon will be available from the Uludar instance in the next WoW patch.

The list of changes in 3.1 in truly enormous, and still growing. Many of the changes will have a big effect on PvP but new legendary weapons are always headline-stealers.

Judging by the screenshot (taken from MMO Champion), the new item will probably be a spell power mace. This is yet to be officially confirmed, but the item is only available to classes that can use one hand maces. The creation of the item appears to be more Aetish-like, rather than the simple boss-dropped legendary items from TBC.

Arena players will be disappointed to see that Ring of Valor will remain in the game, with no changes currently announced. Direct PvP changes are thin on the ground, but the list of class changes is gigantic. Deathknights in particular are in store for a mass of fixes and tweaks.

The warlock list comes in at a close second, with priests and hunters narrowly behind them. The hunter nerfs that many hoped for don't seem particularly severe right now, but they are present.

To coincide with the ability to dual spec, there are also a whole host of new glyphs. The full list is too long to post here but you can find them all in World of Raids' 3.1 compendium.

One of the most exciting new changes for PvPers is likely to be the Argent Tournament. Seemingly a series of arena-style dailies, this new world event will feature mounted combat and will reward players with new titles and feats of strength. Ever wanted to impress the ladies with your "Exalted champion of Gnomeregan" achievement? Now's your chance!

Sources: MMO Champion | WOR



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