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By Kristoffer 'Tentpole' Nordlund
Feb 17, 2009 19:58

let the gaming begin..

Hey everyone

I'm sitting at home chillin in between praccs. We're all bootcamping at my place and the others are away buying some pizzas and kebab =) I, on the other hand, am really lucky to have my girlfriend cooking some REAL food for me (L)

We're finally gathered here all five of us. The reason we haven't started earlier is because Robert has been at the hospital due to a nasty back injury =( Our initial plan was to start way earlier than this since we haven't been playing all that much lately. Ah well, there's nothing we can to about that now except as much hardcore praccing as possible! =D

Actually the first pracc was just 10 mins ago. It went alright but we sure got things to work on. We'll just play through the maps today as it's the first day, the tactical issues will be dealt with as we go along. We're usually looking to improve the rounds we already have and come up with some new fakes and pistol rounds.

I think one can expect to see many exciting games at cebit. It's been quite a long time since the last big event and all teams have certainly come up with new things. Also some new lineups will be put to the test, especially interesting is fnatic imo. Looking forward to a great event! =)

I'll keep you guys updated as we continue playing before cebit. I'm guessing you can except a few funny incidents from the bootcamp, when five guys are living together many different things can happen... =)

Actually I saw Robert and Jimmy coming out of the bathroom together, both looking really happy. I was standing right outside while they were in there and I can tell you I heard some really suspicious things.... (this is actually not true but please spread the rumor =DDD)

Take care people.

// KN



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