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bootcamp in chicago

By alice 'ali' lew
Feb 16, 2009 12:20

It's in the wee hours of the morning and the rest of the girls are sound asleep cuddling with their blankets. Sadly, we're at the end of our bootcamp and we're all flying back home tomorrow. We've never had such a short bootcamp!!!

In all, to say the least, the bootcamp was as I expected. Me and Benita flew throughout the night Friday to arrive in Chicago early Saturday morning. We went directly to meet Tobi at the Steel office to check out the setup and start practicing right away. We played all day Saturday and Sunday, working our hardest to improve our communication, strats, and teamwork. It's refreshing to play on lan together rather than have to speak through ventrilo online. Seeing the girls is always a nice sight, but seeing the commitment and dedication first hand in person is definitely a treat. Though we're sure there is always room for improvement, we know we're on our way to success. :)

Honestly, you would think that me and the girls actually went out to see the city or party and have a good time, but we're pretty serious about bootcamps and spent most of our time at the Steel office dedicated to improving our game. I know many of you may still be wondering who our 5th will be and I can only assure you that we will be announcing her very soon! We have spent a lot of time with different potential candidates to ensure that we will pick up the right candidate. With ESWC just a couple months away, we know we need to act quickly.

Other than ESWC, we're sure to be attending some local lans around North America throughout the year. This bootcamp was merely an opportunity for us to start the new year off right. Alex always said that the hardest part wasn't to win a tournament, but to keep the title and stay on top. I believe me and the girls really understand what it's going to take to stay on top. We're really hoping that THE ESWC CHAMPIONS will be able to bring it back for the 3rd time in a row. That would such an amazing accomplishment. Winning this year would honestly reassure me that I am definitely doing something right.

And by the way.... do you guys see the advertisement about our bootcamp/5th on the website? I'm holding the "G" by the way... I just figured I'd tell you guys since i think IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE ME!!! :P

also, i owe a big thanks to someone from estro for my 1.1SE. (ill tell this story another time!) lots of people have been asking me recently about my mouse and where i got it. might want to refer to the steelseries website if you want to purchase one. it could be a big possibility they don't actually sell/make them anymore.... so in that case, tough luck! my mouse better not break any time soon!



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