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update about valentines day.

By jenny 'jso' so
Feb 12, 2009 08:01

SO, due to my randomness hitting me in real life, i got a piercing today! LOL, i need to stop impulse piercing.. sigh* whats next? a tattoo?? :D

anyway, the bootcamp is coming up in just 3 days!
due to unfortunate circumstances, the 5th we have been playing with has decided to not play anymore. everything was going well as planned but suddenly she let us all know on monday night that she is having personal problems back home and cant concentrate on CS anymore. best of luck to her, and i hope for the best in her situation.

crap, now what do we do?
we've been going through so many practices with this 5th and we were all terribly sympathetic for her, but at the same time worried about our team. this process of finding a new 5th has been going on way too long (2-3 months now).

thankfully, the girls will still be arriving on saturday morning. i am to pick them up from the airport at around 11AM. from there we're going to come back to my place, and then head out to the steel series office in chicago. we will be using the laptops from Fujitsu that we received last summer, and will still be carrying on with our planned bootcamp. since we only have 4 girls here, another friend of the team has agreed to come out here and help us.

we as a team.. are seeking a new 5th again.
(although we do see a girl whom everyone knows/likes which may actually end up being our 5th :P)

stay tuned for more blogs/information on our bootcamp and our never ending 5th search =P



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