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happy birthday mom.

By jenny 'jso' so
Feb 5, 2009 11:22

i should be sleeping..

i have class in like 7 hours.. 11am-8pm yet im writing a blog... i dont understand myself sometimes.

anyway. its february already? todays my moms birthday! shes exactly 30 years older than me.. yea my moms getting old =P and in 5 days its my dads birthday.. crazy.

but not to mention in march its MY BIRTHDAY!!!! yay! (actually that was a very sarcastic yay since i am not excited about growing old. at all.)

this month is obviously VERY busy for me! birthdays, valentines, more birthdays.. its like neverending!! but it sucks when youre broke.. im like a super hermit right now.

anyway, as lidy has mentioned in her blog.. i get to see my ladies next week!! im so excited!! i havent seen them in so long.. well i saw alice couple months ago, but it was for like less than 36 hours... hahahahah. i miss my teammates.. i cant wait till theyre here. theyre all going to arrive on valentines day... sweet. i have 4 valentines this year.. or maybe more? ;)
do you guys all have a valentines? who needs valentines anyway. stupid hallmark holiday that just makes people waste money. on this sweet holiday i get to headshot people and yell at my monitor. oh bloody hell that seems so much sweeter than chocolate and flowers. =)

wow i keep getting side tracked.. thats my A.D.D side taking over... or it might be the 4:14AM nonsense. either or.. back to what i was initially trying to say..

oh yea! next weekend! the girls arrive on saturday and im going to pick them up at the airport. im obviously turning into the best taxi service chicago has to offer.. jk. they will all be staying with me at my apt style dorms (we'll video blog for you guys to see). i hope it wont be too cramped.. i live in a 4 bedroom 2 bathroom with a living room and a kitchen so i think we'll have ample amounts of space. unless my 2 other roommates are here.. then there might be way too much estrogen in the air for me to handle. theyll be staying till monday night which is fine with me since i only have classes on tuesdays and thursdays. i really hope the weekend theyre here is productive for us as a team because i think we really need to start crackin and getting ourselves into the game. i dont know if i should reveal who our 5th will be at the bootcamp (which is at the steeloffice right here in chicago).. so ill just wait till somebody else posts it.. or maybe even the higher ranks in SK.

ill just keep you guys all hanging in curiosity ;)

anyway. good night and ill blog again soon.
sorry its so random but i really hope you guys know by now.. im this random.



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