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SK.wc3 founded

By Johannes 'jaba' Greiser
Aug 6, 2002 00:00

SK proudly presents its new Warcraft 3 Squad.

Due to the fact Warcraft 3 became a really nice and important game for eSports, we decided to look for some players.
The warcraft III's squad of the Schroet Kommando is a squad which has 5 players and a manager.
SK|ChobO : A french player who has already gone 3 times to Korea, one time for the WCGC in 2000 where he finished 9th, one time for the kbk jeju and for the WCG 2001. He won the Lan Arena 7 some weeks ago. And dominating all the french tournamenyd. All those achievements were in Brood War, but nowadays he is playing Warcraft III.
SK|Eirik : He is a new talent in the Warcraft III scene, he didn't use to play Brood War. He is from Norway and lives in Bergen. At the moment he is 5th of the ladder on Europe's server.
SK|ElkY : He is from France but is a progamer in Korea. Before becoming a progamer he went 4 times to Korea: for the 2nd kbk, for the WCGC 2000, for the kbk jeju where he finished 3rd, and for the WCG 2001 where he finished 2nd. He is known to be one of the best non-Korean player if not the best. He won the Lan Arena 6 and finished 2nd at Lan Arena 5. He is practising seriously Brood War and Warcraft III because he is qualified for major leagues for each game.
SK|IRoNMaN : He is from Germany, he is an old school player from Alien Invasion and progaming clan at Brood War. He was a terror when he was playing. He already went 2 times to Korea: for the kbk and for the WCGC 2000 where he reached the 5th place. He is back after inactivity, and playing alot. He is also known as Rookie and has already been SK member for about 2 years now.
SK|NuKe : He lives in France and was a player in the Deutschlands Kranke Horde. He stopped playing for management, manager of Alien Invasion clan and the Brood War squad of the e.sports united team.
SK|ThePig : He is from Germany, and used to be very good during Brood War times but he stopped playing. On Warcraft III he is practising hard on the server called: Lordaeron. He was known as JanThePiG.
Welcome to SK, guys. I hope you



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