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Last but not least SK.Jaywalker

By Min-Sik 'reis' Ko
Feb 2, 2009 22:32

Hello, My name is Jaywalker (Vanished) and I will be a WoW player for SK-gaming from February.

When I first played WoW from Classic, I chose the Warlock because its summoning skills were very different from those of any other games I played. As I played PvP with Warlock, I realized that the counter character of Warlock, Rogue is a more suitable character for me, and I changed my main character to Rogue.

After the Burning Crusade was released, I started to play Arena with Hyoga and TheSnowstorm with a RPM combination. After the Season 2 and 3, our team received Merciless Gladiator and Vengeful Gladiator title. As we heard the news that Korea regional qualifier for WWI and Blizzcon will be held, we participated with confidence as team Council of Mages and won the title for WWI after finishing the qualifier with 2nd place. For Blizzcon, however, the other Europeans teams analyzed the Korean teams playstyle while our team was bsyystruggling with an absence of sponsors. Without enough studying of the opposing teams, we could not advance to the final.

When the news that ESL will be held in Korea was announced, we scouted Kwana to replace TheSnowstorm who had quit the team for personal reason. However, we struggled with insufficient amount of practice and the new released 3.0 patch. In the tournament we had to be satisfied with a semi-final place.

As the Wrath of the Lich King was released, we put in more time to practice,and was able obtain the 1st place in the battleground. Although we had some bad luck after winning the WWI, we would like to make a fresh start as we get to participate in future tournaments under the SK team logo. We are pleased to have good sponsor, and promise that we will have good results from now on.



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