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Study: Gamers to be "drunk self-haters"

By Antti 'drinn' Paasivaara
Jan 24, 2009 17:51

ImageA new study says that gamers are more likely to be "drunk self-haters".

According to a new study typical gamers are more likely to be (via Kotaku) virulent "drunk self-haters". This means gamers will drink alcohol or use drugs more often than others. The same study also unveils that gaming weakens relationships and that gamers are suffering from self-esteem problems.

"The most striking part is that everything we found clustered around video game use is negative," says Laura Walker, one of the university professors, and added: "It appears video games are related to a host of other negative outcomes."
"Everything we found clustered around video game use is negative."

"It may be that young adults remove themselves from important social settings to play video games, or that people who already struggle with relationships are trying to find other ways to spend their time," she says. "My guess is that it's some of both and becomes circular."

The study was created by four professors at Brigham Young University (located in Utah), where 800 students attended via an online survey. What is interesting is that the university is owned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints that demand their students to follow a honor code system, which will later mandate behavior with Mormon teachings. On the other hand the system used by the students refuses them to use drugs, alcohol, tea, coffee or extra-marital sex.



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