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24Hours of Aston GP with SK Racing

By Dominic 'immo' Koller
Jan 24, 2009 13:58

ImageOn Saturday, 24th January 2009 the Masters of Endurance: 24Hours of Aston GP will take place with not only SK Racing but also all the other international racing teams. Last time the German team of n!faculty won this race but again SK is going for the win.

SK Racing have six drivers attending this prestige event with also the remaining team helping as race directors and strategists as well as Danny 'HuskY' Engels doing a liveblog for the whole race. With all the international top teams also attending SK Racings key for winning will be a good strategy over 24hours, a fast constancy performance but also to avoid crashing or disconnecting which will be the disqualification.

The Masters of Endurance is the highlight of the season and also one of the most anticipated events in the whole community and a real challenge for teams. Last time n!faculty won the event but they recently joined SK Gaming and will fight for the win. The race is starting on Saturday, 24th January 2009 at 16.00 CET with the cars being the GTR Class (FZ50 GTR, XR GTR, FX GTR).

You can follow the event via the Live Trackview, Live Timing but also a Livestream of MultiBC. In addition HuskY will have his liveblog updated with all the important information.

SK Racing Drivers

Marco 'Jay' Schade
Hendrik 'b0nd' von Eye
Sebastian 'ClioRacer' Seybold
Marcel 'SandMan' Krause
Christoph 'DreaF' Hörenbaum
Marc 'Toretto' Schreiber



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