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Masters of Endurance - "24h of Aston GP"

By Danny 'HuskY' Engels
Jan 23, 2009 07:38

Masters of Endurance - Live Coverage Blog by SK Racing

FINAL RACE RESULT after 24 hours of Racing:

24h of Aston GP - GT1:
1st - Mercury Racing Team (536 laps)
2nd - #low-racing (+00:16 min)
3rd - My3id Gaming (+02:14 min)
4th - SK Gaming (+02:40 min)
5th - F1RST Racing GT1 (+3 laps)
6th - Team Inferno (+4 laps)
7th - n1Racing (+6 laps)
8th - XFusion Racing GT1 (+6 laps)
9th - (+7 laps)
10th - CoRe Racing GT1 (+7 laps)
11th - spdoRacing GT1 (+8 laps)
12th - LFSLA (+8 laps)
13th - The Danish Racing Team (+9 laps)
14th - Speed Core Racing Team (+11 laps)
15th - Serbian Racing Team (+17 laps)

SK Racing @ 24h of Aston GP - 24th January - 16:00CET



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Top5 Classification with 30 minutes remaining
1st - Mercury Racing (523 laps)
2nd - #low-racing (+00:06 min)
3rd - my3id Gaming (+02:03 min)
4th - SK Gaming (+02:33 min)
5th - F1RST Racing (+3 laps)

- #low-racing already completed their penalty, which put them back in 2nd position!
They still have the chance to win, because they are only 6 seconds behind the leader!

because of speeding in the pitlane during their last pitstop.

Eventhough #low-racing gained 7 seconds due to a splash and dash pitstop to Mercury,
the DT Penalty will give Mercury Racing the lead again and probably the victory with 40 minutes to go!

SK Gaming is just pitting for the last time right now and Marco 'Jay' Schade will finish the race for SK.
If nothing unforeseen will happen in the last minutes, Mercury Racing will win the 24hours race infront of #low-racing and my3id.
SK Gaming will finish their unlucky race with a dreadful disconnect on 4th position.

1 HOUR WARNING! - 60 minutes remaining in 2009's 24h Race!
SK with bad luck and fighting for 3rd - Mercury battleing with #low for the victory!
Awesome Racing after 23hours! Mercury and #low Racing within 1 second again!!!

Top5 Classification with 90 minutes remaining
- (Top 4 are each with one pitstop left!) -

1st - #low-racing (501 laps)
2nd - Mercury Racing (+00:13 min)
3rd - my3id Gaming (+01:53 min)
4th - SK Gaming (+02:06 min)
5th - F1RST Racing (+ 3 laps)

Exciting battle for 1st place! #low regained the lead with a good pitstop.
SK Gaming is still hunting my3id Gaming! 1:30 hours to go - keep fighting!

Top5 Classification with 2hours remaining
1st - #low-racing (489 laps)
2nd - Mercury Racing (+00:01 min)
3rd - my3id Gaming (+01:08 min)
4th - SK Gaming (+01:49 min)
5th - F1RST Racing (+ 3 laps)

- My3id Gaming already did their Drive-Through Penalty
- #low-racing pitted unscheduled after they had a flat front tyre
- Mercury-Racing is only 1 seconds behind the leader #low

Update: Mercury Racing took over the lead!
It is still a tight and tough fight for 1st and 3rd position after 22 hours!

Drive-Through Penalty for my3id
Sebastian 'ClioRacer' Seybold is just starting his personal last stint for this race,
after he had a tough challenge in the early morning.

Not much changed in the Top5 Ranking of MoE's 24hours of Aston GP Race so far,
but my3id Gaming recieved a Drive-Through Penalty. They have to complete their Penalty
within the current hour. It will probably cost them 15-20 seconds and that will help
SK Gaming to come up to the aspiered 3rd position again.

SK Gaming's Stintplan for the last 3 hours
~ 13:04 -> 14:13 CET - Sebastian 'ClioRacer' Seybold
~ 14:13 -> 15:20 CET - Hendrik 'b0nd' von Eye
~ 15:20 -> 16:00 CET - Marco 'Jay' Schade

#low-racing has a puncture, in a commanding position!
They are rescuring their GTR into the pits right at the moment.

The battle for Place 1 between #low and Mercury Racing is going to be exciting in the last hours!

Top5 Classification after 19 1/2 hours (and still 4 1/2h to go)
1st - #low-racing (433 laps)
2nd - Mercury Racing (+00:28 min)
3rd - my3id Gaming (+01:00 min)
4th - SK Gaming (+01:50 min)
5th - F1RST Racing (+ 3 laps)


Marco 'Jay' Schade just finished his personal 4th stint and gives us a short Statement:

"The sun is shining bright (too bright tbh ;-) ) which means we have passed the night hours
and are now in the last part of this hard race. Well, what happened so far?

We did very well battling for Pos.1 until several teams had to suffer under the disconnect flood in the night. Unfortunately we have been one of these teams, and furthermore we have had two crashes and seeing that our great vision of the victory ended up in a glimmer of hope.

Everything we wanted to avoid on our way to success seemed to happen.
Actually 3rd place is the more realistic target for this race now.
Put your fingers crossed!"

400 laps and 18 hours done!
#low-racing is entering the last quarter in 1st Place

Not much happened to all the Top Teams in front.
The night mixed up alot though and SK Gaming is still fighting with my3id for 3rd position.

#low-racing was able to enlarge their lead slightly.
Marco 'Jay' Schade minimized the gap to the other teams by a few seconds and just
handled the GTR car over to Christoph 'DreaF' Hörenbaum for the next run.

Update: Mercury did a minor mistake few moments ago and F1RST Racing went out of fuel!
F1RST had to rejoin the Server, which means that they will get a 1 lap penalty for this.
They are still on 5th position more than 2 laps behind SK Gaming though!

Top5 Classification after two-thirds of MoE's 24hours race
1st - #low-racing (356 laps)
2nd - Mercury Racing (+00:58 min)
3rd - My3id Gaming (+01:52 min)
4th - SK Gaming (+02:26 min)
5th - F1RST Racing (+1 lap)

Marco 'Jay' Schade relieved a outworn Sebastian 'ClioRacer' Seybold, who did a good job in the early morning besides his crash. SK|Jay is trying to regain at least the 3rd position again.

Meanwhile, Mercury did a major mistake and even #low-racing had some small problems in their strategy, which helps SK Gaming a bit and brings new hope.

#low is about to stop soon, but they will stay in first position right infront of Mercury.
8 hours to go - everything can happen!

Bye bye Place 1?
Sebastian 'ClioRacer' Seybold did a great pace in the beginning of his 3 hours stint by regaining some lost time. SK were already back one and ahalf minutes behind the leaders after 14 hours of racing.
But unfortunately Sebastian Seybold did a small mistake and went straight into the wall.
That crash including damage repair in pit costed SK Gaming more than 1 1/2 minutes again.

With a deficit of exactly 3 minutes to #low-racing and Mercury Racing, who are still fighting within few seconds, it almost seems to be impossible to get back into the fight for 1st place eventhough there are 9 hours remaining.

SK Gaming lost their 3rd position to my3id anyway, and therefore Sebastian 'ClioRacer' Seybold will keep concentrate fighting for 3rd position.

Half-time - 12hours to go!
After Hendrik 'b0nd' von Eye timed out very unlucky, he did a great job by facing the night more than 3 hours non-stop! It is planned, that Sebastian 'ClioRacer' Seybold will do almost the same by driving the upcoming 3 hours. He will probably see the first sunlights for SK in the morning today.

Anyway - SK Gaming has fallen back after a dreadful disconnect, but they are regaining lost time.
#low-racing and Mercury Racing are in some distance battles, fighting for place one.
The lead is always changing because of their different strategies. Mercury is in first place by more than 30 seconds with equal amount of pitstops though.
SK Gaming has to catch up 2 Minutes to Mercury - Hard work! Not Impossible & 12 hours remaining!

SK Racing lagged out!
DISCONNECT! - and it probably screwed up SK Gaming 's entire race. SK is not disqualified, but due to the fact that Hendrik 'b0nd' von Eye timed out, they were losing nearly one lap
(bit more than 2 minutes) and it mixed up their complete tactics.
SK Gaming is still in 3rd position for now, but it will be hard work to get closer to the leaders again...

Update: Not only SK Gaming timed out, also F1RST Racing, spdo Racing, Team Inferno and my3id. All the teams fighting for 3rd - 7th position had bad luck!

Top5 Classification after a bit more than 6hours
1st - Mercury Racing (142 laps)
2nd - SK Gaming (+5 secs)
3rd - #low-racing (+9 secs)
4th - F1RST Racing (+23 secs)
5th - My3id Gaming (+48 secs)

Christoph 'DreaF' Hörenbaum will enter the night for SK in a few moments...
Marcel 'SandMan' Krause did a great job by gaining another position (2nd place now)
and keeping a good pace right behind Mercury Racing.
Still 17hours remaining, plenty of time to get the 1st place in this race!

Update: Drive-Through Penalty for #low-racing for causing an avoidable crash. That means that the fight for place 1 turned into a duel between SK Gaming and Mercury Racing for the moment...

19 1/2 hours to go
It is still a long way to go and still a close fight for Place 1!
Hendrik 'b0nd' von Eye and Sebastian 'ClioRacer' Seybold almost closed the gap between
SK Gaming and the leaders (Merc & #low) in the past 2 1/2 hours.
It is great to see Teams fighting within few seconds after 4 1/2 hours of racing!
SK is going to get Marcel 'SandMan' Krause into their GTR-Car,
who will drive for the upcoming more than 2hours.
Next driverswap to Christoph 'DreaF' Hörenbaum then, is planned at ~ 22:42 CET!
Keep fighting!

22hours remaining
First two stints are over as scheduled. Marco 'Jay' Schade did a great performance!
Hendrik 'b0nd' von Eye took over the FZ50 GTR at SK's 2nd pitstop. The race is getting a bit calmer now and everyone is trying to find their rythmn.
Mercury is leading the 24h of Aston GP endurance-race by 5 seconds infront of #low-racing.

SK Gaming is still in 3rd position, always in nearby distance to the leaders.

Marco 'Jay' Schade is starting for SK Gaming and at the moment he is on the 3rd position after the first laps. #low-racing is leading the race with Mercury Racing in their Mirrors.
SK Gaming is fighting with F1RST Racing and my3id for 3rd position.
It's scheduled that Marco 'Jay' Schade will stay in the car until ~18:15 CET !

SK|Jay just said before the race, that the Top 7 can go almost the same pace and the keys to win this race are going to be constancy, endurance, avoiding crashing and no bad luck in form of disconnects.
It will be a long race though....

and therefore cross the fingers and start cheering!

24h of Aston GP Overview:
GT1 - Starting Grid
#1 - Mercury Racing
#2 - #low-Racing
#5 - My3id Racing
#3 - F1RST Racing
#4 - SK Gaming
#16 - Team Inferno
#6 - spdo Racing
#15 - n1Racing
#7 -
#11 - CoRe Racing
#10 - LFSLA
#17 - Speed Core Racing Team
#14 - XFusion Racing
#9 - Serbian Racing Team
#18 - The Danish Racing Team


Masters of Endurance 24hours of Aston GP
Livestream by MultiBC (ON AIR!)
Live Trackview at LFS World
Live Timing (24 hours of Aston GP)

SK Gaming News (Race announcement)
Masters of Endurance Homepage



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