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By Kristoffer 'Tentpole' Nordlund
Jan 19, 2009 20:49

Hi dear readers!

I'm sitting at home chillin before our game vs Gameplay. We only had time for 1 inferno pracc today and it's going to be a really tough game I think. I talked a bit with lurppis though and he said they haven't played much either. But can I really trust the ENEMY? =D

Other than that life goes on as usual. I've started working out in the gym again after a very long break. The end of last year was just CS CS CS CS CS and pretty much nothing else there for a while. We had a one month trip to all different kinds of places so I got a bit tired of it. China was definitely worst when we lost and went out early on in the tournament and had absolutely nothing to do for like a week =(

I'm looking for a new car, the old Ford is starting to fall apart. I think I'll drive it to the inspection crap when it's time just to see what's wrong and how much it would cost to clear it and drive legally another year^^ I know it won't go through as it is right now, I only got half an exhaust system for crying out loud! It's just that I don't think it's worth spending more money on it which is why I haven't fixed it.

If I suck tonight vs Gameplay it's because one of my cats f00kin killed my right hand and not because I've been slacking =) I've got two cats, one large fatty like myself and a little one. Both females so there's no funny business going on here.. =D The little one is like 6 months so she's still growing really fast, soon I have to stop letting her bite and scratch me. Actually the biting is OK but the claws are starting to really hurt buhuhuh =(( I can upload some pics of them later on.

Peace out!



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