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IOL2003 interview: The players that made history

By Jens 'JPW' Wundenberg
Jan 16, 2009 09:59

ImageThere are few people in eSports who do not need an introduction. Very few, if any. We sat down with fisker, vesslan, ahl, quick and Xeqtr and talked about all the world and his wife.

When Inferno Online revealed the invitation of the so-called Inferno Online 2003 team, people were curious about how they might be able to perform. And even though they did not manage to eventually win the tournament, they were definitely the highlight of the last weekend.

Both fisker and ahl were a part of the legendary SK 2003 team and won pretty much everything in 2003: CPL Summer, CPL Winter, CPL Copenhagen and the World Cyber Games, just to name a few. XeqtR, vesslan and Quick on other hand played for all the teams you think of when remembering the good old days: Ninjas in Pyjamas, SK Gaming, adrenaline and Team9 and much more. Let's see what they had to tell us!

First things first. How's your TV career going, quick? Haven't seen a lot from you since your last BurgerKing commercial.

Quick: To be honest, I have not really put in any effort in my tv career lately! I do not put a lot of focus on it but of course, if something comes up I'll most likely take it. I'm actually putting a lot of focus in my music career right now. I'm writing a lot of spoken word, preferably Spanish. I'm going to move to Columbia for one year to visit my family and work on my music. I do not know really what type of music I'm going to do yet except for learning some Spanish and produce some Spanish music.

Okay, let's get a bit more serious. fisker, do you think you are capable of doing it, playing competitively again?

fisker: It's a lot of fun and it's really a lot of fun to meet the guys. Definitely not what we were used to tactic-wise but still a lot of fun to play together. However, I do not think I could still do it since I do not have the energy to practice as much as we did before. It's fun to compete but I don't have the will to put in the energy and such. Image

What about the fisker-face?

fisker: I'm not doing it at all anymore but if we win, I'll do it for sure.

What are you doing right now and what have you been doing lately?

vesslan: I'm working for Octoshape right now, so I'm still connected to gaming to some extent and I've been doing it for a couple of years now.

ahl: I've been studying some and right now I'm working for Inferno Online.

"Quick: I still do have some public skills"
What about World of Warcraft? What about Poker?

fisker: No Poker, just World of Warcraft.

vesslan: I played a little bit of Poker, only for fun though.

Still playing Counter-Strike here and there?

Quick: I'm still playing Counter-Strike 1.6 public or maybe a mix at Inferno Online. Maybe once a week, some times it goes a couple of weeks that I do not play anything but I still do have some public skills though.Image

Do you still follow competitive Counter-Strike and eSportin general?

xeqtr: Yes, since I've been commentating but not that much at all.

fisker: Maybe some final but not that much anymore.

How is todays scene different to 2003's, especially if you compare both CS levels?

vesslan: The scene is broader, the competitive skill is much broader and there are more teams that are good.

fisker: Not that much of a big difference between the teams but it depends pretty much on if they have a good day.

"luciano became a serious fashion designer."
Are you still in contact with some of the "old" guys?

vesslan: I've been speaking to Miguel and xeqtr from time to time but its not like we hang out.

quick: Still have some contact to my former teammate luciano. He's actually a serious fashion designer, moved to Italy and got his own fashion brand, Farzan Esfahani Mogaddam, I think.

ImageDo you ever brag or tell new friends about the fact you used to be a professional gamer or use it as a pick-up line?

vesslan: Definitely as a pick-up line. I have in fact a quite cool story about that. I was just dating my new girlfriend and we went out and there were some guys who were talking about me behind my back obviously and later on there was another guy who asked me if I'm vesslan and I was like "yes, I am" and my girlfriend was actually somehow proud having a kind of famous boyfriend, so to speak.

Quick: ...and he was like handing out the cash afterwards.

Do you miss the scene, the events, travelling, playing a grand final on a big stage?

fisker: Definitely not the travelling part but the competition for sure.

Do you regret the decision to quit playing Counter-Strike competitively?

vesslan: No, not at all. I do miss the competition and eSports in general but it's not something you miss in life, especially with the lack of structure, income and all of that.

And, on the other hand, do you regret that you've dedicated your whole life to gaming - at least to some extent?Image

Quick: I've only dedicated a few years and I do not regret it. It pretty much depends on where you are in life. I learned a lot of things, though, I learned how to work with a team, how to set goals and of course I've seen a lot of places. I got a lot of good experiences, saw a lot of cultures and last but not least I got to know a lot of people.

vesslan: I don't reget it either. I've met a lot of people and I would not be working where I am right now. Everyone in your team puts a lot of his life in Counter-Strike, everyone focuses that much, strives to achieve something and if you win it's quite a cool feeling that you definately want to experience again.

What would it take to make you come back?

"It would take a lot of money to make us come back"
fisker: Money, a lot of money. To be honest, it's pretty hard living like that. I can only speak for myself but, as I said before, I don't have the same energy for that and you somehow have to postpone your real-life.

Quick: A lot of money, if it were a job as a coach maybe but still it would be very, very hard.

vesslan: I think it's about money because you got to change your life style. Of course, I could play with friends for fun, to have fun, like two times a week. But its somehow different if you play something professionally, and you know where you can be and how good you used to play. On the other side, it is quite nice to have an income as you study but still its hard to make that structure fit into your life.

ImageThank you for your time, guy. Any last shoutouts?

Quick: I just want to say that all the comments on the news pages, the reaction of the community in general was really, really flattering and we considered the invitation to this tournament as a chance to eventually give something back and this is somehow proof that we did at least something right.

To all the young kids coming up, in Counter-Strike everything is about what they believe they can achieve. If they really believe it, they do have at least a good chance to be succesful.

fisker, quoting vesslan: We are going to change history!



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