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Stuck at work

By jenny 'jso' so
Jan 12, 2009 20:57

being stuck at work in a small and confined space makes you think more about little things. in my already weird mind i like to over-analyze things. (i even do a really bad job with MS paint and put pictures together! look at the SK Ladies!!)

as you all may have already read in alices blog, our departure with two of the old members is going to be crucial. some of you see it as a huge loss, and others have deemed it " quite a blow." we wish them the best of luck in whichever path they chose, but now its time to worry about our new female team for 2009.

we've been having tryouts for about two months, and its slowly coming to an end. we have tried out NUMEROUS girls (i think at one point we had at least 15-20 girls try out for the team). all the girls in north america know what kind of opportunity it is to join such a fantastic organization and each girl tried out because to be honest what is there to lose? we took this process very seriously and had each tryout fill out an application stating their cs history, strongest/weakest map and gun, and also their reasons on why they would like to join our team. we slowly eliminated each girl after running several scrims with them. we spent more time on some girls than the others because we could tell by the first or second scrim which girl was capable of playing counterstrike at our level, when it came to communication and common sense of the game. some of the girls were just quite not experienced enough yet, and others underestimated the seriousness we put into our practices. after the long and tedious practices we have only a couple remaining. our goal is to find our 5th by the end of the month so we can begin to seriously practice with a stable 5.

currently we have alice, jso, lidy, and benita as the four SK members. our 5th whos been in and out has not made it easier on us. since this is pretty much a whole new team we need to quickly find our 5th so we can find our groove and begin to play like a team. although its been quite hectic now, we only see good things for our team in the future.

hopefully you guys will see us at numerous tournaments this year (not only female ones) and we promise to try and bring you a team as intense as last years! stay tuned for more updates on our team!!



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