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Happy New Year !! :)

By jenny 'jso' so
Jan 2, 2009 04:02

Hey guys!!

How was your holidays? man, mine pretty much sucked... all i did was work this whole month!! christmas wasnt too great.. i didnt get any gifts.. LOL my family agreed not to this year.. american economy owns us at the moment. sad huh? i didnt even go home for new years day.. i was too lazy. :/

ill be getting those video blogs uploaded soon... but i should figure out what theyre going to be about. i have a general idea =P not only will i start posting video blogs, but im also going to start uploading demos.. :) are you guys ready to see SK ladies headshot in practices? hehehe =P!!

school starts soon... this is going to be my last year!!! i should graduate college in december 2009. im attending the University of Illinois at Chicago.. im going to graduate with a major in english.. and a minor in criminal justice.. hopefully i will be a teacher one day.. haha but after i graduate i plan to go to korea to teach kids over there.. yes.. full time student with 2 jobs. working for school to take money off my tuition, and playing counterstrike. i wont lie, the second job is way more fun. ^_^

anyway! stay tuned for some updates and news as SK Ladies prepare for a HUGE year!! 2009 is going to be packed with new stuff!! please keep supporting us :)!

come idle #GX3 on gamesurge and you can chit chat with some of us online =)

( by the way how cute is my new puppy? hes the tan one :)! )



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