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SK Gaming welcomes XBOX360 squad

By Lawrence Benedict 'Malystryx' Phillips
Dec 28, 2008 18:52

ImageWith a new year close by SK Gaming welcomes a new squad. German based and one of Europe's most successful teams EvilAxis joins SK to compete in titles on Microsoft's popular next-generation console the XBOX360.

"Do not fear, console eSports does not consist of Wii fit exercises and playing Mario Games," said Michael "SK.Spillout" Mazler, leader of the the new team.

Over thirty players will be joining the SK ranks and will compete in Call of Duty, Guitar Hero, Pro Evolution Soccer and Gears of War as well as racing and other sports titles.

"The Xbox360 scene is just as broadly diversified and challenging as on the PC. The mouse is undisputably more precise than a Pad but there is just as much tactics and skill required in console gaming," said Spillout. "We will strive to reproduce the success of SK Gaming has had on the PC in the console world".



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