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Team Alternate without fleks

By Dominic 'immo' Koller
Dec 23, 2008 23:58

ImageAs rumoured Team Alternate are changing players at the end of the year with Martin "fleks" Wehrmann leaving not only Alternate, but is now focusing on studies. One of the favorites to get the fifth spot is again Roman "roman" Ausserdorfer who is currently playing for Team Bavarian Heaven and is still contracted which seems to be the problem right now.

It was not a good year for Team Alternate looking back at the results and also the recent results. Still it is unlikely that Martin 'fleks' Wehrmann is the cause of this problems even though he leaves the team as his contract expires.

Team Alternate have stated that fleks is leaving to focus on his studies and private life as he has not enough time to play Counter-Strike on a high level for now. This doesn't sound as he is gone forever but for now the German scene will be without a strong player.

A few weeks ago we already reported about Roman 'roman' Ausserdorfer making a comeback in Team Alternate and it looks good so far. The problem right now seems to be his contract with Team Bavarian Heaven but there is still time left until Alternate will have to reveal their new lineup.

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