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NGL: mTw brings home final NGL title

By Ran 'FoReVeR_ManUtd' Liu
Dec 21, 2008 19:01

ImagemTw sliced the final NGL One title from SK Gaming after skipper Hyeong Ju “Check” Lee ended Seo Woo “ReiGn” Kang’s salvation halfway.

mTw canceled SK Gaming’s 1-0 lead in the total scoreboard with an emphetic 4-2 victory in the first set and pulled themselves back in the chase for the glory in the level with SK.

Following resurgent Dae Hui 'FoV' Cho's hat-trick last game, the only mTw player who would remain in the squad next year, Du Seop 'WhO' Chang handed mTw a dream start with another hat-trick against June 'Lyn' Park, Sung Sik 'ReMinD' Kim and Seong Deok 'SoJu' Lee which left SK Gaming with only Seo Woo 'ReiGn' Kang in their line-up.

ImageIt was more than a Herculean task for the Undead player to overcome the dominant Orc player and further 0-3 drawback, but he repeated his victory over one of the most valuable players during this event for the second time on Echo Isles, followed by a defeat of Jin Woo 'WinNers' Kim on Terenas Stand.

There were only Hyeong Ju 'Check' Lee and FoV to beat and it seemed a marvelous comeback was in the making. However, Check stood up to see off ReiGn’s renaissance and saved the day for the Germans. The Night elf player played pretty conventional after losing to Jung Ki 'Susiria' Oh's aggressive Ghoul push yesterday on the same map, while ReiGn displayed an erratic performance in contrast to his previous games, losing both of his heroes a couple of times which eventually cost his game.

Although mTw, SK Gaming and Meet Your Makers planned to split the prize money equally prior to the event, it is mTw's first and last NGL One title, as the league will turn into a solo league in addition to a smaller team league.

Final standing of NGL One Season 5 Finals
1. mTw - USD 5,333
2. SK Gaming - USD 5,333
3. MeetYourMakers - USD 5,333



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