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World of Warcraft, the restaurant

By - 'shagrath' -
Dec 11, 2008 07:46

ImageChina's online gaming themed service industry appears to be booming, riding its fascination with online gaming all the way to the top is a Chinese restaurateur with his World of Warcraft inspired eatery.

Blizzard themselves once joked about opening a chain of Blizzard themed fast food restaurants aptly named "Burgercraft", but as we all know, China takes the internet very seriously.

The restaurant is decked out with World of Warcraft paraphernalia, from the wallpaper to the menus, everything is themed. The front door of the restaurant is designed to resemble the 'Dark Portal' from the opening cinematic of the "Burning Crusade". Paintings of game characters line the walls and a large television centered in the restaurant plays game footage for patrons.

The owner of the restaurant said he, "created the diner in the hope that people who share his enthusiasm for the World of Warcraft would find a comfortable gathering place."

Check out video footage of the restaurant at



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