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HotshotGG steps down from CLG

By Irena 'curlychan' Pencheva
May 27, 2013 14:00

ImageIn an unexpected turn of events CLG's founder and owner steps down from the main roster. Additional roster changes were also announced.

US Counter Logic Gaming definitely don't want to have the same kind of performance in the LCS Summer season as they did in the Spring one. Because of that a couple of roster changes were announced late last night. The most shocking one is of course CA George 'HotshotGG' Georgallidis's decision to step down from his starting position. Despite the community's often hateful comments towards him, he didn't seem to take these into account and continued his pro player career.. until now. From now on he will act as a sub and a coach for the team, and will focus his attention on the business side of things for his organization.

CLG's choice for Hotshot's substitute is no less surprising than his decision to step down from the team. The team's new addition is US Zach 'Nientonsoh' Malhas, former AD Carry for US MRN , who has also played mid lane before, but never top lane. While he will probably quickly adapt to his new position, it remains questionable why waste his great potential as AD Carry by forcing him into the top lane and why not pick up an already established top laner like US Nick 'Nickwu' Smith or US Patrick 'Megazero' Glinsman.

And if you thought that's all the news coming from CLG, well, you are wrong. US Steve 'Chauster' Chau returns to his old support role alongside US Peter 'DoubleLift' Peng, while CA Michael 'bigfatlp' Tang comes back into the main roster and will from now on play in the jungle. This leaves US Zaqueri 'Aphromoo' Black out of the team. It is yet unknown what his future plans are, but he has already started streaming once again for TSM.

US Counter Logic Gaming 's roster

Source: CLG



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