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Rapha, ESWC Masters of Athens champion

By Raivo 'stormm' Streistermanis
Oct 18, 2008 19:52

ImageSK Gamings Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson has become the Electronic Sports World Cup Masters of Athens Champion for Quake 3.

The first map of the Final was on pro-Q3DM6. There Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson wasn’t really up to par with the tournaments dark horse, Sebastian 'Spart1e1' Siira. The Swede celebrated a victory with a score 20:11.

The next map and possibly the last map was pro-Q3Tourney4. Unlike in the first map, the game play was a lot closer. Together both players swapped lead four times and drew five. In the end the American player celebrated a victory, 16:14.

The last and deciding map was no-DM9, a map where Spart1e has shown to be a monster on. Here both players knew that there is no place for mistakes and kept it clean without any noticeable mistakes. For seven minutes the score stayed 3:2 in favour of the Swede, but soon enough the silence broke and he increased his lead to 8:4. And once again rapha made a similar comeback to his match against av3k, only this time there were 5 minutes left on the clock. The end score for the last match in the Quake 3 tournament was 13:8 in favour of rapha.

ESWC Masters of Athens TOP4
1. Shane 'rapha' Hendrixson - 7,500$ + Direct qualification to ESWC Grand Final 2009
2. Sebastian 'Spart1e1' Siira - 4,500$
3. Maciej 'av3k' Krzykowski - 2,000$
4. Alexei 'Cypher' Yanushevsky - 1,000$



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