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Walle: "Our biggest opponent will be MiBR"

By Rod 'Slasher' Breslau
Oct 18, 2008 11:35

ImageSK team leader Dennis Walle has his team ready and looking for a second straight major title. Several teams stand in the path to victory but Walle sees MiBR as the biggest threat of them all.

So how was your guys' flight to Montreal?

Walle: It wasn't that bad, I've had worse. I slept through most of it since I didn't sleep any prior to the event, it was fine, no big deal.

You are one of the two groups that didn't play any matches on the first day. How do you see your group against Sway Gaming and Slashlevel going?

Walle: The groups shouldn't be that hard for us, but we count on facing the best teams in Canada so we can't come into the matches underestimating anyone. It's going to be a standard group stage for us.

How does it feel to be the favorite for the first time in a while?

Walle: It feels good, we feel really confident with this tournament. Our biggest opponent is probably going to be MiBR. I think it's going to be a hard game vs either MiBR or fnatic, but we have the confidence that we can, and will come out on top.

Why do you see MiBR as the top team to beat?

Walle: Mainly because they played well in LA, and fnatic played poorly, including no practice since. I think most people including myself see MiBR as a bigger threat than fnatic. Fnatic verse us is hard too because they know our playstyles, it always ends up being a tight game. If we end up playing them it'll be a good show at least.

MiBR has always been a bit inconsistent, is there any way they get knocked out early?

Walle: Yeah they have but I don't see that happening here. MiBR looked really strong in LA and I don't think they'll crumble at an event just two weeks after with less competition.

Do you see fnatic floundering again?

Walle: I guess they don't have the same risk of flopping like last time since there aren't as many good teams this event. I actually don't see that scenario happening again anyway, as I see them placing top 3.

Who do you see as top 3 here?

Walle: I hope it's going to be us on top, with MiBR and fnatic behind. I guess you could see Gravitas and EG up there too, but I would count that as on upset for sure verse any of us.

So you see the American teams as a little bit weaker still?

Walle: I still think that fnatic is a better team than EG even though fnatic lost 16-1 in a huge upset. I think fnatic will win if they end up playing each other again.

Thanks Dennis, good luck tomorrow.

photo: ESL



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