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World of Warcraft Arena Ranking 2.0

By Andreas 'bds' Thorstensson
Sep 26, 2008 20:09

ImageI have totally revamped the World of Warcraft Arena ranking. Here are some of the changes.

Browse players by talent specs
You now have the ability to find the highest ranked mutilate rogue; in the world, in Europe, in the 2v2 bracket or on your own Battlegroup.

Browse teams by players talent specs
Now you can browse teams not only based on setups but also on speccs. Want to find some Eurocomp variations like 4 DPS with Shadow priest over Disc?

Faster and more accurate updates
The system should update much faster and accurately now.

Always uses personal rating
The old system was released before personal rating was added, and I just wanted to keep it like that for a while, but not everything player related is personal based.

Better PvP/PvP spec detection
It is nearly impossible to find wether a user has his correct specc/gear combination when he logs off. But the detection method behind it should be more clever now.

More advanced statistics with the new most popular specc/setup combination.

Team ranking
Player ranking
Setup statistics



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